Pakistan – Delicious Mamtu (desi dumplings with special sauce) HUNZA SPECIAL

by Shafaq Aziz


Mamtu is known as desi dumplings in Pakistan. This is the most eatable snack in Pakistan. This is very famous in Hunza. People like to eat this at parties as a starter or as a snack with a sweet cup of tea. This is the best combination which people love the most. Mamtu is a steamed dough that has filling inside of it. This is very quick and easy to make. You can have a hot piece of mamtu at cold knights. The roadsides and food streets are full of this yummy snack. This is very similar to dumplings but the size of mamtu is a little small. Mamtu is served with black pepper, salt, green chilies, hot sauce, or mayonnaise. This is like a Mamtu platter. This has a large variety of fillings.

  • chicken mince filling
  • lamb mince filling
  • beef mince filling
  • vegetable filling
  • potato filling
  • chocolate filling
  • sweet potato filling
  • onion filling

This is served with a special sauce that has simple ingredients but the flavor is appetizing. The special sauce is ” spring onion oil sauce”. All the people which like mamtu always eat mamtu with this delicious sauce. The sauce is a very important part of this platter. You can have different types of sauces with mamtu but almost all people prefer this yummy spring onion oil sauce. Types of sauces.

  • ginger and vinegar sauce
  • garlic and oil sauce
  • hot sauce
  • sweet tomato sauce
  • mint and yogurt sauce

You can have this anytime. Some people like to eat this as breakfast and chocolate mamtu as a desert. This bite able snack is very famous all over the world. This is very important to serve this hot and with the sauce.

Place of origin

Gilgit – Baltistan

Ingredients for making mamtu dough

  • Plain flour 1 cup
  • salt 1/4 tsp
  • water as needed
  • wheat flour 3 tbsp

Method of making

Step 1

Take a large bowl and add plain flour, salt and mix well until salt is combined with flour. Now add the wheat flour and water and knead it until a soft and smooth dough is formed and then cover it and place it in a warm place for 3 hours.

Ingredients of making filling

  • Lamb mince 1/2 kg
  • onions 2 small (chopped)
  • salt 1 tsp
  • red chili 2 tsp
  • green chili 2 (chopped)
  • vinegar 2 tbsp
  • turmeric 1 tsp
  • black pepper /2 tsp
  • soy sauce 1 tsp
  • ghee 2 tbsp

Method of making

Step 1

Take a pan and turn the heat on add then onions and ghee and saute it for 10 to 5 minutes until onions are caramelized. Then turn the heat off. Now take a bowl and add the mince, onions, salt, red chili, black pepper, and turmeric and mix well.

Step 2

Now take a pan and add the meat mixture to it and turn the flame medium. Saute it for 15 minutes and then add the vinegar, soy sauce and again fry it for 15 minutes. Now take out the mince in the bowl. Now take the dough and make a small piece of dough and roll it with the rolling pin and then place a small quantity of mince and place on center. Do this with the remaining dough and mixture.

Step 3

Now take a deep pot and fill half of it with the water and place a stand in the center. Make sure that the top of the stand does not touch the water. Now take a steel place and place the mamtu on the place if the size of the place is big you can put mamtu and if the plate is small then add only 4 mamtu on the plate. Now let it cook for 15 minutes on low medium flame. When the mamtu is ready take out on a plate.

Ingredients for making sauce

  • water 1 cup
  • spring onions 1/2 cup
  • salt 2 pinch
  • soy sauce 2 tbsp
  • oil 5 tbsp

Method of making

Step 1

Take a pan and add all the ingredients and cook for 5 minutes. Don’t cook too much the consistency must be like water not thick.

  • Fat 23 g
  • carbohydrates 43 g
  • calories 392 g
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