Pakistan, India – Chicken Tikka Handi or Chicken Tikka Masala

by Usama Tariq


Chicken tikka Handi is a special dish in Pakistan. The aroma and fragrance of this dish are mouth-watering. Handi is an Urdu language word which means dish or curry, A handi is a wide-based earthen pot with a lid. This dish is available at many famous restaurants. It is a kind of generic dish; you can call it chicken tikka curry or chicken tikka masala. Earlier this dish had named chicken handi or chicken masala, but with the passage of time people make changes and variations in this dish then finally as the result, they found a new combination of chicken handi is that chicken tikka handi. The main difference is that they use chicken that is already roasted and cook it on coal or flame and this called chicken tikka. So today I finally showed you how to cook chicken tikka handi in very easy steps, so that you can make it at your own home for your loved ones.


The first introduction of this dish by the United Kingdom. In the UK, the first time they made this dish the first time ever that they use chicken that is already roasted on coals or fire. So, that’s why this dish named chicken tikka masala.


  • (Black pepper powder) 1 tsp
  • (Coriander powder) 2 tsp
  • (Cumin powder) 1 & ½ tsp
  •  (Fresh coriander) chopped
  •  (Garlic powder) 1 & ½ tsp
  •  (Ginger garlic paste) 1 tbs
  •  (Ginger) julienne
  • (Nutmeg & Mace powder) ¼ tsp
  •  (Onion) grinded 1 medium
  •  (Red chili) crushed 1 tsp or to taste
  •  (Salt) ½ tsp or to taste
  •  (Turmeric powder) ½ tsp
  •  (Yellow food color) ¼ tsp
  •  (Yogurt) 1 cup (room temperature)
  • Chaat masala 1 tsp
  • Cheddar cheese grated 2 tbs (optional)
  • Cream 1 tbs
  • Garam masala powder 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice 2 tbs
  • Paprika powder 1 tbs
  • Prepared spice mix 2 tbs
  • Simply Sufi Breast Fillets ½ kg
  • Sufi cooking oil ¼ Cup
  • Tomato purees 2 tbs

Cooking Procedure

  • Firstly, take a bowl to add paprika powder, black pepper powder, garam masala powder, turmeric powder, salt to taste, nutmeg and mace powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, chaat masala, and garlic powder all ingredients’ quantity is mentioned in ingredients portion.
  • Mix them well and set aside.
  • Take another bowl for chicken boneless cubes add 2 tsp of the prepared spice mix.
  • Then add 2 tsp of lemon juice, yellow food color.
  • Mix it well and marinate for 30 minutes.
  • Take a bowl of 1 cup of yogurt at room temperature, then add ground onion, tomato purees, ginger garlic paste, and crushed red chili.
  • Without mixing add remaining prepared spice masala, mix it really well, and set aside.
  • Now take a wok add cooking oil then heat it at low flame.
  • Then add marinated chicken to it.
  • After adding mix well and cook for 10 to 12 minutes approximately or until oil separates.
  • After that add prepared spice yogurt in it and mix well.
  • Now cover the wok and cook on low flame for 6 to 8 minutes approximately.
  • After that uncover it and add cheddar Chinese then mix it.
  • Add 1 tsp cream then mix it again.
  • Let’s cover the wok and simmer on low flame for almost 2 minutes.
  • Your chicken tikka handi is ready.
  • Now take it out to bowl and garnished with freshly chopped coriander and julienne ginger.
  • Serve it with rice, naan, chapatti, etc. for your loved ones.
  • Enjoy it for lunch or dinner!

Additional Information

  • Calories: 162 kcal
  • Proteins: 31% 12g
  • Fats: 9% 5.47g
  • Preparation Time: 40 to 45 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Serving: 4 to 5
  • Origin: UK
  • Taste: spicy

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