Pakistan – Qulfi

by Muhammad Ibrahim


As summer is here so we present a cool recipe of Qulfi. It is a form of ice-cream which is very famous in sub-continent. It has variety of tastes and very beneficial for heath as compared to simple ice cream. QULFI is so creamy and delicious and a good source of calcium. It is the part of local cuisine of Punjab and very popular in Lahore city.

In Pakistan, Qulfi is also serve in wedding ceremonies as a sweet dish. Flavors of Qulfi vary according to people taste. Pistachio qulfi flavor is mostly liked by all the people. One of the reason is that it can made easily in homes and it is full hygienic. It can be served at many occasion depends upon the needs of the people.

Do you know it that original meaning of the word QULFI is “looked“ but it got distorted to qulfi. Well here I am going to tell u the amazing recipe which is easy and quick to make and very famous among the children of Punjabi.


  • Milk 3 kg
  • Cream (malai) 8 ozs.
  • Khoya 1 pao
  • 4-8 ounce of chopped almond
  • 4-8 ounce of chopped pistachio
  • Rose water 4 tbsp
  • Cardamom 1 tsp crushed
  • Cornflour 1 tbsp mixed in 1/4 milk

Preparation for kulfi

  • First of all gather the material.
  • Cook milk in a pan till it reduced to 1 fourth.
  • Secondly add sugar, khoya and cream in it and let this mixture cook.
  • Then add cornflour paste (cornflour mixed in 1/4 milk) in it.
  • Continuously stirring, cook till mixture thickens.
  • Then add chopped almonds, pistachios, cardamon powder and the rose water.
  • Cool this mixture
  • Fill the qulfi cones and freeze it for almost 2 hours.
  • After when it completely freeze put it out from qulfi cones and serve it with rabri and falooda.

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