Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia – Murtabak

by Ananya Fatima

Murtabak is a kind of Paratha roti or maybe pancake but actually, it is filled with some stuff which made it special roti paratha. It is a meat-stuffed pancake that includes vegetables as well. The stuffing made it unique. MURTABAK is the most famous street food.

Let us talk about the meaning of murtabak, so in the Arabic word which is written as ” MUTABBAQ ” have its meaning ” FOLDED “. Basically, this pancake depends on foldings, folding paratha is some kind of specialist because it made it very tasty that you add something to it.

This is not only famous in SINGAPORE, it is actually famous all over the world but every country made it according to their special ingredients. This MURTABAK is famous in MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, SINGAPORE especially.

The stuff in the folding of pancake is very special and unique, it depends on the taste of the people but the most famous ingredients in it are eggs, vegetables which includes onions, leeks, chives, etc. You must include meat in it as well.

The special thing in INDONESIA is, it has a food street which is specially named ” MURTABAK “. This tells us about the popularity of this pancake. These are not only famous in these countries but also in other MUSLIM COUNTRIES because they want Halal foods for them so they include chicken and some vegetables in it. The people of India who are vegetarian add only vegetables to it without meat.


Murtabak is originated for the ” MIDDLE EAST “. That is why this is famous in Middle east especially.


Murtabak is spicy in its taste so this is especially for spice lover and have eggs and vegetables in it.


CARBOHYDRATESProtein Saturated Fat


  • Mutton Murtabak
  • Chicken Murtabak
  • Tuna Murtabak
  • Sardine Murtabak
  • Beef Murtabak
  • Daging Murtabak



For Dough

  • salt
  • white flour
  • oil
  • water


  • meat
  • onion
  • oil
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • ghee
  • coriander
  • Salt
  • cream
  • turmeric
  • cheese
  • eggs
  • carrot
  • cucumber


For dough

  • For making dough, take a bowl and add white flour in it.
  • Add water in it that should be Luke warm.
  • add half tablespoon of salt in it.
  • knead it by adding water in it.
  • add 2 tablespoon of oil in it.
  • knead it and then rest it for 4 hours.

For filling

  • Take a pan, add oil it.
  • chopped the onions and garlic, ginger in a bowl.
  • add onions in it and fry them.
  • add all the spices in it as well.
  • add garlic and ginger paste in it.
  • fry them by adding meat in it.
  • cook them over medium heat.
  • your filling is ready.


  • take dough in small amount.
  • make them round.
  • slide them like a chapati.
  • add filling in it.
  • Now fold like this and fry them.
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