Tanzania – Maize Stiff Porridge

By Robert Christopher

In Africa this kind of stiff porridge is the most cooked one, due to the fact and belief that it gives energy and build up strong man, so it has been taken as the food for man.

Maize are cultivated in various regions around Tanzania but the most ones are Mwanza, Mara, Tabora and Shinyanga.

Let us roll into this cuisine, welcome.


  • 1/2kg of maize flour.
  • 1/4kg of cassava flour.(to smooth it).
  • Water.

Cooking procedures

  • Boil up water.
  • Add maize flour in the boiling water, wait untill it boils to break flour
    mountain-like feature.
  • Add up on cassava flour and start to stir it up.
  • While in the stirring process, mind up tiny ball-like that contains flour,
    break them through.
  • Keep stir untill you find all water is mixed up with flour.
  • Make a shape to the stiff porridge, put it in a plate, ready for lunch.
  • This food is mostly taken for lunch because of the idea that it gives
    a lot amount of energy to do manual works. (Hope you find the answer)
  • Enjoy your day with this cuisine.

It is eaten with different kinds of meats, enjoy the taste

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