Pakistan, India – Delicious Hareesa

by Muzammil Naeem

Introduction about ” HAREESA “

Hareesa’ one of the most popular dishes. The history of HAREESA is very much from the United Arab Emirates, middle east. There are many other alternative names for this Arab cuisine such as JAREESH, Harees, and Arizah. Interestingly, HAREESA also gave the origin of HALEEM. HAREESA is much preferred in the Kashmir valley of Pakistan in winter season. For the overview of this recipe, HAREESA is mashed dish that is made with many ingredients such as chicken, wheat grains, lentinels and many more.


• 4 TBSP cooking oil
• 2 TBSP ginger garlic paste
• Salt (as required)
• Black pepper powder
• 8 chopped green chilies
• 500-gram boneless chicken
• 1 tea spoon (TSP) tumeric powder
• 3 TSP red chili powder
• 2 TSP coriander powder
• 3 cup water
• 1 cup of soaked wheat grains
• 1/2 (half) soaked rice
• 1 cup of soaked green lentils
• 2 liter of water while cooking hareesa
• Additional chicken cubes


• chopped ginger.
• Half-cut lemons
• Coriander leaves


• First of all, add cooking oil in the pan and the ginger garlic paste. Let it fry for few minutes.
• Then add the boneless chicken in the mixture and cool it until the chicken becomes tender
(soft). meanwhile keep adding the green chilies, turmeric powder, red chili powder, black
pepper powder, red chili powder, coriander powder and finally water.
• Make the shreds of the cooked and tendered chicken.
• Now grind all the soaked ingredients i.e. wheat grains, soaked rice, green lentils, and water. Put
all of them in a cooking Pan and cook until tender. In this grinded mixture, put the cooked and
shredded chicken.
• It’s time for tarka! For tarka add butter, cumin, onions, ground spinach and fry it for a while.
After a while, put tarka in the above prepared hareesa mixture.
• For garnishing, you can spread coriander leaves with chopped green chilies and lemon slices.
• Hareesa is ready to serve

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