Nepal – Sapu Mhicha

by Ananya Fatima

Sapu Mhicha is the special food of Nepal and it is also the unique food of Nepal. Most people don’t know about it because it is not so popular but definitely a very tasty and delicious food which consist of lots of nutrition which is very beneficial for human’s health. It actually consists of buffalo meats tripe which is basically stuffed or filled with bone marrow.

This dish is made especially at the festivals and occasions of Nepal. This dish is the sign of “PEACE and LOVE”.

Some people knew that as a ” water buffalo bone marrow”. This is not actually a whole dish, it is a snack that is commonly eaten at snack time. This snack is basically fried or boiled. It is up to you that which type of sapu mhicha you want. If you are diet conscious then you can boil it but if you want a crisp of sapu mhicha then you should eat it fried.

Sapu mhicha is full of juice and taste, but you have to fry it perfectly.


  • Newar Cuisine
  • Pahari Cuisine
  • Himalayan Cuisine
  • Madhesi Cuisine
  • Lohrung Cuisine


Sapu Mhicha is originated from Kathmandu Valley and then spread in Nepal and it is called Newari cuisine. It is a very authentic Nepali food and this is made on special occasions.


This snack is served with alcohol

  • chhyang 
  • aila


If you want Sapu mhicha in curry form then you can modify it also. It is basically a sauce-like texture that is made by adding water in it along with oil and spices. Most people modify the dish according to its ingredients and taste.

You can also make it as a curry snack by adding different saucy flavors to it.


  • chili sauce
  • apricot sauce
  • tamarind sauce
  • tomato ketchup


Whatever type of Sapu Mhicha you want is up to you. suggest you try fried Sapu mhicha because it is full of crisp and you should definitely like this. But if you are diet conscious and you don’t want any fried thing to add up in your meal then you can also boil it.


This dish is serve

  • After main course
  • Before sweet dish


It is the lining of the stomach of different farm animals and it is actually edible. You can eat it.

kind of tripes are

  • beef tripe
  • buffalo tripe
  • cattle tripe
  • sheep tripe
  • giraffes tripe
  • ox tripe

Tripe is very useful for the human body because it is a 100% natural source of protein. It is used to build muscle.


Newari food is related to Nepal and Kathmandu valley. It is more than 200 food’s variety. Their foods are full of varieties which are very tasty.



  • beef leaf tripe
  • bone marrow
  • oil
  • salt
  • butter
  • cumin seeds
  • red chili powder
  • black pepper


  • clean the buffalo tripes
  • cut them
  • shape them as a bag
  • put bone marrow in it
  • tied it with thread
  • now fry them in the oil
  • add spices in it
  • and serve it
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