The United States – Sugarfree Cupcakes

by John Thomas


A cupcake is a special type of cake and pastry that can be served to only a single person. This cake is not the same as bakery cakes it is small in size which is baked in small size thin paper like a muffin cake but there is a similar thing in cupcakes and pastry cakes that is frosting, like frosting are the same process that is similar in both cakes. The actual origin of these sweet and delicious cupcakes in the United States and then furthermore it is popular and spread all over the world. The ingredients of cakes however it is small or large the ingredients are the same and common in both cakes we used flour, eggs, butter, cream, and more preferable is sugar but not in every case some are without sugar or sugar-free. Here in this recipe I tried and explained the Sugar-free recipe over there. So in place of sugar, we use sucralose that helps to make it sweet and delightful. There is a benefit of making cupcakes in small sizes, in small cupcakes the heat conduction process is slightly faster than large cake or regular baked cake. During the process of baking the batter increases in the start due to the production of carbon dioxide. There is a choice of topping the cupcakes, it may be frosting with cream or batter or maybe with some cake decorations but the most preferable and common is topping with frosting because the cake decorations are used on special events like birthday parties, festivals, etc. For frosting on cupcakes, we used piping bags which are made up of transparent plastic pipe-like shape and start frosting from the middle of the cupcake. In some bakeries in the USA, they use syringes for frosting instead of the piping bag. Here is the recipe to make small sugar-free cupcakes at their own home by following it.

Different Names

Many different European countries called cupcake fairy cakes, small buns, patty cakes, and many more. In British English or England this small cupcake called fairy cake means soft and small cake piece. While in Australian English these sweet cupcakes are known as patty cake and also fairy cake which is wrapped in a small aluminum cup. The shape of a cupcake is much similar to muffins both are like the same shape but in muffins, there is no frosting on the top of it. The standard size of a cupcake is 3 inches in diameter that is easily gripped in a hand. These all are the alternative names of Cupcakes.

Different Variants

A cupcake has many variants and shapes. Some of them are following:

Mug Cake

Mug cake or cake in a mug is another type of cupcake. In this type of cake, a glass mug is needed to hold the cake just like a thin paper needed in cupcakes. It is also very famous in European countries. It is very quick to make and takes only 5 to 10 minutes maximum and is very sweet and delicious.

Jar Cake

Jar cake is another variant of cupcakes same as it is like mug cake. In this type, a cake is baked in a jar instead of mugs.

Butterfly Cake

A cake shaped like a butterfly is another cool variant of the cupcake, it is also known as a fairy cake because it is shaped like a butterfly that has two fairy wings. On the top of the cake, two wings are designed and convert into a butterfly shape. On the topping of this cake, we usually used icing sugar, sprinkles some dry fruits, and other topping ingredients.

A cake which can be made in any type of shapes and design, like you can make it in round shape or square shape or any other thing’s shaped.

Origin and History

The origin of these sweet cupcakes in the United States of America claims by famous food historians and also mentioned in the American cookbook. Instead of a large cake, the inventors tried to make it small and then they discover a light cake which holds in a small thin paper cup or aluminum cup. In the American cookbook, the recipe was written by the American food historian “Amelia Simmons” in 1796 or roundabout. In the early century, there is no muffins or cupcakes the people used Ramekins (a stand of small cup-shaped) pottery cups. The cupcakes are traditionally smaller and topping with cream frosting. They use teacup to make a cupcake but with time it becomes smaller to hold a small cake called muffins. The cupcakes usually measure in Volume on the other hand the pound cake or large cake is measured by its weight. Currently, in the 21st century, cupcakes are sold in bakeries and they decorate a small portion of the shop for the different flavors and shapes of cupcakes or muffins. Different types of cupcakes are as under:

  • Wedding cupcakes
  • Blackcherry cupcakes holding a lollipop
  • Doggy cupcakes
  • Rose chocolate cupcakes
  • Carrot cupcakes
  • Chocolate cupcakes with frosting
  • Buffet cupcakes
  • Brown Muffin with topping
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