Rwanda – Milk Stiff Porridge (Warriors Meal)

by Y Shomwi

Back during colonial era, Nyarwanda soldiers under chiefs leadership had a respective meal of stiff porridge with wild meat side dish, this cuisine were known as Warriors meal.

Rwanda is a country in Africa located in the eastern part of the continent, it borders Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south, D.R.C Congo to the west and Uganda on the north east.

Warriors meal was prepared by appointed women special for cooking it. Chiefs had to allocate the how-to-cook methods during the preparation time.

The food was to be cooked with milk and honey together with maize grinned flour, at late times milling were done over stones. Milk were once boiled and added with flour at successful boiling state, honey were added after the meal is done.

Honey special task was to give a lovely and taste layer while eating. It is believed that honey could preserve the meal too.

Let’s jump into our kitchen for the cuisine, it is so sweet. You are warmly welcome.

Prepare the ingredients

  • 1kg of maize flour
  • 2 liters of milk
  • ¼ liters of honey
  • water

Cooking procedures

  • Take and put on the cooker, charcoal will do better, but you may switch to gas cooker.
  • Boil milk with one fully cool. It should boil and pour up, then allow it to cool.
  • Boil it once again and as it starts to boil up, add flour and stir well, swing side to side with wooden spoon.
  • Keep cook until all milk is well mixed with flour, round a dough and put on plate.
  • Wrap honey over the hard porridge and serve warm.
  • This cuisine is better with any meat. If you want to take it for a while, warm the soup for better taste.
  • Enjoy with family and friends.
Milk stiff porridge with chicken meat and veggies
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