Tanzania – Sorghum Stiff Porridge

By Robert Christopher

Sukuma tribe from Tanzania-Africa is known for preparing sorghum stiif porridge and this is because they cultivate it as well.

This kind of food is nutritious to childrens and older people.

Some may prepare just a porridge from it rather than stiff porridge.

Anyway let us stick with our plan and prepare this cuisine, welcome.


  • 1/2 kg of Sorghum flour.
  • 1/4 kg of Cassava flour.(to smooth it)

Cooking methods

  • Boil water, make sure water is fully boiling.
  • Put in Sorghum flour followed by Cassava flour on top and let it boil again for 3 minutes.
    (Notice water pop up like lava erupting mountain).
  • Start to stir by mixing water and flour, make sure you give no rest to stir process untill all water
    is mixed up with flour.
  • To be sure about the mix, look while passing the spoon through the mix, moving up and down the mix,
    that there is no small balls-like that break out to give flour.
  • Keep on the process, take more minutes 4-5.
  • Give a taste shape to your stiff, put it in a plate ready for lunch.

Enjoy Sorghum stiff porridge Cuisine from Tanzania with:



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