Tanzania – Sweet Potato and Banana Mix

By Robert Christopher

In Tanzania, it’s called “Pilau la viazi” (Sweet potatoes mixed with banana in form like spiced curried rice with meat). Sweet potatoes are widely distributed in almost every part of the world, this means that it has more than a thousands methods of cooking, but wonderful enough, they all end up with one goal, ready to be eaten.

Let us enjoy this local cuisine meal of Potato-Banana mix from Tanzania.


– One big potato.

– Two raw bananas.

– One coconut.(packet may be used)

– 1 liter of oil special for frying.

– 2 red pepper.

– 1 carrot.

– 1 bulb onion.

– 1 garlic.

Methods of cooking

– Peel of your potato and chop it into small pieces as seen in the picture.

– Do the same to bananas but rather, give them a half-boxed style.

– Cut carrot, red pepper, onions into small pieces and blend garlic for easy cooking

– Put frying pan to cooker and oil it that 1 liter we prepared before.

– When oil gets heat enough, put bananas and potatoes pieces at the same time, wait til they are ready to be moved up from pan.(it usually takes 4-7 minutes).

– Put them into paper towel or tissue paper to dry out oil.

– Take cooking pan, add a little oil and heat it up, add garlic and onions and let them change color into brownish color, then add red pepper and carrots, add half tea spoon of salt(in case to add taste), leave them to heat up, 1-1.5 minute.

– Put in potato-banana mix into the cooking pan, mix them up and add coconut.

– Leave the mix for about 4-5 minutes to give a feeling of taste.

– Food is ready for lunch or dinner, be careful so that you won’t bit yourself with the taste, Enjoy.

This meal tastes better with a juice extracted from Passions fruits, Mangoes fruits, Avocados or Oranges.

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