Zambia – Cocoa Buffer Ladu

by Anaa Rajpoot


It is made from ground cocoa when it is cooled, then wrapped in leafy greens and slowly, depending on your cooking preference, fresh or smoked meat, fish, cream, red oil, and other It is mixed with herbs. There are many types of cocoa, this waste, red cocoa is the best. However, you can use white well, but you will need to dry it. Buy one or two days before use and let it dry before cleaning and using. Although traditionally made from cocoa leaves or sweet bitter leaves, you can use fresh green leaves such as spinach or spinach. Even a salad dressing or a mixture. It depends on what you are using and what is available. Choose someone who has no holes or tears. If you have ready-made fertilizer, use it anyway. However, most of us do not have time to inject cocaine. So you can use a food pump to inject cocaine to speed up the process. Someone is struggling not to stretch the muscles. This process involves hitting, hitting and then hitting. This can take many hours in your life. But there are also rewards.
If I think one thing is not enough. Get out of here quickly! It was the kind of food I dug up for nothing.
Aquang is a special kind of coconut broth. It is larger and thinner than other types of fungi. They are white or red inside. The shops here are labeled “Taro White” or “Pink Taro” while Cameron is called “Macabo Coco” in the logo. For a more successful meal, accept the right cookies. Then you will take their lives away from them.


  • cocoyam leaves
  • fish
  • oil
  • salt
  • red chili powder
  • black pepper
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • vinegar
  • crayfish
  • onions


take a pan and add leaves in it with all vegetables and then fry them in a pan with an amount of oil in it and fry the onions and tomatoes in the oil until its color changes to brown. leaves to the boil and boil very well

Add all the masalas and mix them. Now put this in the oil and cook it for 10 minutes. After that heat it well and your dish is ready to eat.

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