Angola – Arroz

by Mimi Joseph

Arroz is a dish of white rice, yet it has many varieties of it’s type. This white rice is of specific type, although any of the rice may do the best. In Angola we normally cerebrates with this cuisine in some kinds of preparations.

Arroz de garoupa da Ilha is another kind of arroz with grouper fish in it.

This type of Arroz comes when a grouper fish either roasted or fried, is prepared with some marinating ingredients to make it more like, then white rice comes with a like color for attraction.

In most cases here in Angola this dish is prepared locally also, apart from the restaurants and hotels.

Locally comprises of some local ways by which grouper is dried well then cooked along with rice or fried with some or no marinates at all.

Though preparations may differ, both results with amazing taste to try.

Another variety is arroz de marisco. This one contains lobster, white fish or prawns.

This one also is among the best types of arroz, although it may be challenging for beginners yet it is the best one to try.

The fishes are cooked differently then added on the ongoing process of rice preparation. Other ingredients like onions, oil that may change rice color and other likes are cooked along with rice from start.

If you will need to taste the real arroz, then this one may fit well with taste buds.

Arroz may work with many styles like Arroz con gandules and so much, yet you may prepare it and mix with vegetable at the table if direct mix will work hard on your way. Welcome as we prepare this cuisine.


  • 1 kg of rice
  • Salt (2 teaspoons)
  • Oil
  • Garlic (3 teaspoons)


  • Wash rice, or soak for 15 minutes. (for soaking, do along with salt, skip adding salt in boiling water)
  • Boil water well. Add salt and oil, stir them well.
  • Add rice and stir well.
  • Leave it to boil for 10 minutes, observe water dry.
  • Lower heat and keep it warm for 5 minutes. This is to dry rice well.
  • After rice dries well (and you are sure), serve it for meal, enjoy.
Arroz with meat rost aside
Arroz with vegetables on top
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