Ghana – Banku

by Anaa Rajpoot

Banku is the traditional cuisine of GHANA. This dish is made with CORN and CASSAVA dough. When we both take and mix in hot water so it can be smooth paste and easy to dough. This dish is famous all around GHANA but especially in the southern region of Ghana which includes EWE PEOPLE, FANTE PEOPLE, GA ADANGBE PEOPLE.

Ga people called this dish BANKU and Fante people called this dish ESTEW. Banku is a Hanoi dish made from corn cooked in cassava flour. It is usually spherical in shape and is served with a variety of fish, soups, and sandwiches. The Bacos are used by all the tribes of Ghana and are located on the Volta River.


Banku is originated from the two countries GHANA and TOGO. It is originated in the 17th century because of the making of corn dough. As we know that banku is made with corn and also fermented, and the process of fermentation is introduced in the 16th century.


The taste of Banku is sour because of the fermentation. When the dough is fermented and leaves for few days then its taste totally changes like a bitter sour and makes the dish more delicious.


  • akume
  • ɛtsew


  • kenkey
  • okro stew
  • grilled fish
  • fresh salsa
  • black pepper sauce
  • green chili sauce
  • tomato ketchup


Ewe people are actually originated from present-day southern Togo in the Tado region. Then in the 13th of the century, they are migrated from Nigeria. we people spoke ewe language and they are present in Ghana and Togo. The first largest population of ewe people present in GHANA and the second largest population of ewe people in TOGO.


  • Ghana 6 millions
  • Togo 3.1 millions
  • Benin 0.6 million
  • Nigeria 0.58 million


Most fante people are located in GHANA and some of the fante communities are also found in different regions like LIBERIA, GAMBIA, ANGOLA. Fante people spread in different counties like half of the people of fante are settled in MANKESSIM and the other half are migrated to Agona, Kurantsi, Abura, Anyan, Ekumfi, Nkusukum, Ajumako, and Gomoa. The total population of Fante people is 20 lac. Fante people are also called Fanti.


Ga Adangbe people are mostly present in GHANA, TOGO, BENIN. There are different groups of Ga Adangbe people which is called Ga–Dangme ethnolinguistic group. There is a two million population of Ga Adangbe people.


  • A-Dangbe
  • Gã-Daŋbɛ,
  • Ga-Dangme
  • GaDangme


  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese


  • Christianity
  • Islam


Corn flour is the main ingredient of Akple. They are gray and are often illuminated by circular balls. It is often eaten with pepper, okra sauce, light broth, palm sauce, ground walnut soup, or ivy. Because it is rich in carbohydrates, it provides sugar to give the body the energy it needs to function normally.


Kenkey is a very popular dish which is also called KOMI. It is a GHANAIAN dish which is made with WHITE CORN. People of Ghana really like to eat this dish and serve it as a guest dish. Fresh peppers, such as smoked fish and raw vegetable soups, are very attractive. This is how the whole dish is made. Chili acid goes well with cooked fish. They can be prepared in advance, as they take a long time to prepare. The dish is an icon of Ghanaian cuisine and is used all year round. It is one of the most important fermented foods in Ghana.


Shito is very famous in GHANA. It is used in local Ghanaian cuisine instead of sauce or jojoba. It can be used at parties, soaking, and even dressing. It is traditionally eaten with kaki, waki, banco, and other Ghanaian dishes. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Really everything from grilled meat, fish or vegetables.


Okro soup has a sticky texture and good taste. It is a thick, rich and delicious soup made from wild mango seeds, which is very nutritious. jute leaf soup is green in color and sticky like okra. Not only is it popular in Africa but it is also known as a national dish. Some people think that okra soup, okro soup, or bean soup is sticky or thin, which really bothers me. The most important thing is how social we are all.


Cassava dough is used in making pieces of bread, muffins, pancakes. Fermentation in cassava dough is good because the digestion process removes cyanide from the box and converts it into nutrients. All food poisoning is different from cyanide.



  • Cassava Dough
  • Corn Dough
  • Water
  • water
  • salt
  • butter


  • the very first thing is to makke cassava dough an corn dough and then mix them.
  • add enough water to it.
  • Add a pinch of salt to it.
  • leave it to boil to mix it together.
  • cover the pot and then steam it.
  • when the color changes to pure white it menas your banku is ready.
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