Angola – Bombó Assado (Grilled Cassava)

by Mimi Joseph

Bombó Assado is a Cassava grilled over charcoal or baked in oven with only salt being the primary ingredient added.

Angola is a country on the west coast of Southern Africa, known to hold its traditional significance on the dishes. Cassava can be found at home small scale farms whereby the aim of planting it could be for it’s leaves to prepare vegetables and roots for boiling to make a day meal. Bombó Assado is among the traditional bites (to say) that is simple and easy to prepare, yet is the most taste of all Cassava styles it can provide.

The bite is usually taken with a cup of milk, porridge or coffee. Preparation of this cuisine is well explained below.

Preparation and Cooking

  • Collect any amount of cassava needed compare to the people.
  • Clean surrounding dust and sands to make them clean somehow.
  • Peel them off, to a well formed shape.
  • Wash them to clear other dusts powder.
  • Cut them to open-equal sides for easy of cooking.
  • Take salt and wrap them for taste.
  • Grill them until they change color to brownish, that explains for their readiness.
  • Enjoy the taste.

Here in Angola, people use to buy them for breakfast or as a refreshment food with juice.

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