Nigeria – Shaki Stew

by Verdzekov Bernard

Shaki is a beautiful cuisine. Usually eating as appetizers. This appetizer is common in Nigeria and Cameroon. if having an occasion, you could make this for your guest as it will help stimulate them to eat more of what you have to offer. This could be eating with ripe or unripe plantains. This is a cuisine of few words or letters and guide. Follow instructions below and eat a wonderful shaki after.


  • Ginger powder 1/5 table spoon.
  • Curry powder 1 table spoon
  • Tomatoes
  • Red bell pepper 
  • Onions 
  • Shaki 
  • Palm oil.


  • Prep the shaki well by washing thoroughly. The caw part best for this is the honeycomb tripe. This is not actually honey or home for the bees, but the stomach of a caw. Clean this part thoroughly by removing al hair. Boil water and use to wash well.
  • After washing, rinse with clean fresh water. Then cut it into small eatable parts. Place all the piece in the pot, with half of the all the cooking ingredients. That is, curry powder, salt to taste, ginger, onions, crushed pepper then add enough water. The water you add should make the shaki not visible. But it shouldn’t be too much.
  • Turn on heat and let the shaki cook for about 30/40min.
  • In the process of cooking the shaki, blend the rest of the ingredients. That is, onions, tomatoes and pepper. 
  • Put your palm oil on heat. Let it heat up, but don’t bleach. 
  • Add your blended ingredients, and allow it to cook for about 20min.
  • Take the cooked spices that where blended and add into the pot of shaki and stir well. Allow to cook well for about 15-25min.


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