Cameroon – Achiquaqua

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Achiquaqua is a local soup that has as particularity the fact that it is being cooked with so many different types of meat. The meat is what makes it so special and different from the other types of soup as it is made up of different types of meat which shall be well listed and the procedure being outlined. The reason why there is an assembly of different types of meat is that it represents the types of meat and their story. The stories being outlined are local ones, which it is about the stringiness which shall be obtained when eating this food. This is the case of snails, beef and dry fish. Achiquaqua is a local cuisine coming from the Southern and Littoral part of Cameroon.

Cooking method

Achiquaqua is being cooked by stewing. It is the most adapt method for cooking Achiquaqua.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Five snails
  2. Canda meat
  3. Beef
  4. La serviette
  5. Dry fish
  6. Three fresh tomatoes
  7. One fresh tomatoes
  8. Green leaves

Cooking seasoning ingredients

  1. Salt to taste
  2. Maggi crevette to taste
  3. Groundnut oil for stewing
  4. Maggi cube to taste

Cooking process

  1. Wash the snails by removing all the liquid from the snails.
  2. After this, boil the snails
  3. Boil the snails for about one hour, thirty minutes so that it can be prepared so well and be ready enough.
  4. Slice the canda into small halves, then boil the canda meat for about twenty minutes
  5. Slice the beef meat, then boil the beef for about forty-five minutes
  6. Slice the serviette and then boil the serviette for about one hour.
  7. Wash the dry fish, then boil the dry fish
  8. After boiling the dry fish, cut it into small parts
  9. Wash the fresh tomatoes and then cut into small parts
  10. Wash the onions and then cut the onions into small parts
  11. Cut the green leaves
  12. Wash the green leaves
  13. After washing the green leaves, then boil the green leaves
  14. Put groundnut oil on fire
  15. Then throw into the pot, the fresh tomatoes and the onions
  16. Then throw into the pot, the boiled green leaves, the different types of meat that is the snails, canda, beef, serviette, dry fish.
  17. Pour a cup of water into the pot.
  18. Allow the pot on fire for about twenty to thirty minutes.

After thirty minutes, your food is ready.

Enjoy your meal.

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