Cameroon – Sauté Cabbage and Ripe Plantains

by Nghonazie Annabel

Cabbage is very common in Cameroon and due to this fact, it is being prepared in so many different ways and styles. Sauté cabbage is fried cabbage which is prepared in a modern way and is either eaten with ripe plantains or unripe plantains. Cabbage is very cheap in Cameroon especially in the raining season and this makes it possible for almost everyone to prepare food in their houses. Santa in the North West region of Cameroon produces the highest quantity of cabbage in Cameroon. The inhabitants of Santa and matasem eat cabbage roughly every day since they cultivate it and it’s in abundance in this area.  Even those who don’t cultivate cabbage can buy a good quantity for 200 FRS cfa and this will carry a whole big family for a day or two. So with little money, a family can eat well even if it means eating cabbage every day. Cabbage can be cooked in many different styles including; fried cabbage, pepper soup cabbage, egussi cabbage, sauté cabbage etc. it is accompanied with rice, plantains, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, coco yams, cassava.

Cooking method of sauté cabbage and ripe plantains. This delicious meal is prepared by frying for cabbage and boiling for plantains.

Cooking ingredients

  • A big bunch of cabbage
  • 10 fingers of ripe plantains
  • 5 large fresh tomatoes
  • 1 small size onions
  • Half a liter of groundnut oil
  • Leaks
  • Celery and parsley
  • Gallic
  • White pepper
  • Fresh mackerel fish
  • Maggi and salt

Cooking process

  • Peel plantains and boil
  • Slice cabbage neatly and thinly and wash with salt and hot water. This is to remove the  strong odor that raw cabbage has and also to make sure it doesn’t cause stomach disorder
  • Slice tomatoes and onions and keep
  • Slice some of the parsley, celery and leaks and put aside
  • Grind the rest of the spices and keep
  • Wash and cut mackerel fish into desirable sizes
  • Put groundnut oil in the pot and allow to get hot
  • Fry the fish and remove and put in a colander
  • Fry the tomatoes, onions and green spices
  • When its well fried, add the grind spices, stir well and allow to cook well
  • By this time the plantains is ready, remove and put in a hot serving dish
  • Add the washed cabbage in the mixture and stir very well
  • Add the fried fish, Maggi, salt and stir well
  • Add a glass of water, stir and allow to cook for like 10-15 minutes
  • Sauté cabbage is ready, remove and serve in a plate with the ripe plantains by the side.

Good appetite

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