Cameroon – Black Beans and Dodo

by Nghonazie Annabel

Bean is a common seed crop which is cultivated almost in all regions of Cameroon. The principal areas where beans is cultivated is in the west region particularly in Baffoussam and Dschang, in the north west around the Nso area, people of Ngoketunjia division especially in Bali kumbat, Bafanji, Babungo, baba 1, baba 2, Bagolan, Bamessing, Bamali, Bamunka etc. Beans are cultivated in both the raining season as well as the dry season in Cameroon thus there is an abundant of beans in the country and this helps to reduce famine and malnutrition as beans is very nutritious and contains as much essential nutrients as needed by the body. Black beans on the other hand is very precious because it doesn’t do well but in all areas or soil type therefore making it slightly expensive than the red type. Black beans and dodo is a delicious meal loved by many and eaten at anytime as it can be taken as breakfast. Taking it as breakfast will mean that the beans was already boiled over night and just have to be fried in the morning because boiling beans takes a lot of time. Black beans can equally be eaten with boiled white rice, boiled plantains, cassava, coco yams, bobolo, bread etc.

Cooking method

The method used for preparing dodo is by frying and black beans is by boiling and frying as well.

Cooking ingredients

  1. 5 fingers of ripe plantains
  2. 5 cups of black beans
  3. Fresh tomatoes
  4. Onions
  5. Groundnut oil
  6. Leaks
  7. Green spices
  8. Gallic
  9. Njinga
  10. White pepper
  11. Dry fish
  12. Crayfish
  13. Maggi and salt to taste

Cooking process

  1. Select the black beans to remove stones, sticks and spoiled bean grains. Wash the beans and put in a pot, add 4 liters of water and add some limestone to the beans. Cover the pot and take to the fire
  2. Peel garlics and njinga and put in a blender, add some leaks, onions, some green spices and white pepper and blend
  3. Now slice tomatoes, onions , the rest of the leaks and green spices
  4. Select fish, wash and keep.
  5. When the beans is ready, remove and rinse with clean water and put in a colander for the water to drain out
  6. Put a clean pot on the fire, add groundnut oil and heat, now add sliced tomatoes and onions and stir until it is done. Add the other sliced spices and stir
  7. Put the grind spices, fish and Cray fish
  8. Add the black beans to the mixture and using a wooden spoon stir until it is well mixed. Add maggi and salt and a cup of water and stir, cover the pot and allow to cook for 20 minutes and when the water has dried up, remove and save in a plate
  9. Peel the ripe plantains and slice into nice shapes. Put oil in a frying pan and put on the fire, when its hot put the plantains and fry under low heat until it becomes golden brown
  10. When the dodo is ready, remove and serve alongside the beans

Enjoy your meal. Eat bellyful and drink a glass of water and some fruits.

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