Nigeria – Edikang Ikong Soup

by Verdzekov Bernard

Cameroon is a neighbouring country to Nigeria. This is a Nigerian meal, but due to the friendship Cameroon has with Nigeria, most of the dishes prepared in Nigeria are prepared in Cameroon and vis. Most meals are best explained, when the person doing the explanation or writing is capable of preparing the dish. The meal you are going to read and maybe practice how to prepare is called Edikang ikong soup. This soup is a deeply a traditional dish from the south side of Nigeria mainly Akwa ibom and cross river state. Most traditional meals are heavy and most are soups. Some may be dry and others watery. Like for Edikang ikong soup, it is made not to be too watery.


  • 350kig of stock fish
  • stock fish
  • Water leaves 
  • Caw meat
  • Maggi
  • Salt to taste 
  • Palm oil
  • Pepper
  • Dried fish 
  • Cray fish 
  • Caw skin (canda)


  • Wash caw skin well and boil with pinch of salt. After boiling throw water. Boil meat with pinch of salt. When it is ready keep meat with meat stock aside.
  • Wash water leaves, chop and keep aside.
  • Prepare onions and keep aside.
  • Grind your cray fish and put aside.
  • Put fish in another pot and boil.
  • Put oil the cooking pot you will use and heat it up. When it is heated put in onions and fry. Steer for about 3min.
  • Pour in meat and steer for a while. Add your meat stock gently while steering.
  • Pour in your caw skin and steer well. Do not add water. 
  • Add Maggi and salt to taste and steer
  • Add cray fish and steer well. leave pot for about 5min closed.
  • Open pot and steer well then add your chopped water leaves and steer. Don’t close pot. 
  • Reduce heat and allow pot for about 5min, steer and taste for Maggi and salt. Allow pot for 5mins more, add your fresh pepper, then serve.
  • Serve soup with cooked garri. 

Enjoy your Meal.

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