Cameroon – Boiled Eggs With Jinje Stew

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Boiled eggs with jinje stew is a food that is being prepared for events concerning the invitations of people. Cameroon is a rich land when it comes to food and other cultural aspects. One of the ways to best enjoy Cameroon and its culture is by enjoying its food disposals. Boiled eggs with stew is a food mixture that talks of the culture of Bamendja’s. A rich village land in agricultural environment. Bamendja is a land that contains the highest production of fowls in the country, making it hard for homes to prepare food without the inclusion the eggs in the food. They have fallen so much in love with eggs that they cannot do without it. As such, they have included eggs in each and every one of their meals. Eggs is always eaten at the end of the meal. Boiled eggs with stew comes from Bamendja in Cameroon. Bamendja is a village locality found in the grassfields of Cameroon.

Cooking Method

The cooking method used in cooking boiled eggs with stew is stewing and boiling

Cooking ingredients

  1. Six fresh tomatoes
  2. One onions
  3. One quarter chicken
  4. A kilo of Pork
  5. Five raw eggs
  6. Some good celery
  7. Having fresh percils is also good
  8. Garlics and also ginger. It is important to have the two.
  9. Having a bottle of groundnut oil is good

Cooking process

  1. It is good to start by washing the fresh tomatoes
  2. Using a sharp knife, slice the fresh tomatoes. Slice it into small since you will have to grind it.
  3. Also wash the onions and slice into small parts
  4. Wash the celery and percil at the same time, then slice them all.
  5. The next thing to do is to remove the peelings off the garlics and the ginger.
  6. After removing their peelings, cut them into small pieces
  7. Doing all these things should not take you so much long. In a space of ten minutes you are through with.
  8. When you through with, you can decided to grind it at home with the use of your moulinex or better still, you can grind it at a grinding stand where they grind cooking ingredients.
  9. Finishing in grindning the cooking ingredients, keep them in a clean plate.
  10. Take now care of the chicken. Wash the chicken, then cut it according to the sizes that you want. You can decide to cut it in big sizes or in small sizes. It all depends upon you. Generally, people love big sizes so to enjoy the thickness of the chicken when eating.
  11. The next thing to do is to boil the chicken.
  12. Boil the chicken so well.
  13. When the chicken is on fire, wash and clean the pork.
  14. Cut the pork in small quantities.
  15. When the chicken is ready, put pork on fire.
  16. The pork on fire shall stay longer than the chicken being on fire.
  17. Groundnut oil in a clean pot should be the next thing to follow.
  18. Put a desired quantity on fire.
  19. Throw into the pot the grinded ingredients together with the tomatoes.
  20. In the meantime, make sure to be boiling the eggs. Boil the eggs for a period of ten minutes.
  21. Continue with your stew on fire. Send into the pot, the chicken and the pork at the same time.
  22. Then a little bit of water.
  23. Within ten minutes on stay on fire, put the eggs into the pot.
  24. Close the pot.
  25. Allow thee food on fire for about five minutes.
  26. Five minutes is enough for the food to be ready.

Enjoy your boiled eggs with Jinje stew.

Good Appetite!

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