Cameroon – Yellow Cabbage With Red Beans and Sweat Potatoes

by Djougwa Koeumo Patricia

Yellow Cabbage with red beans and sweat potatoes is a delicious meal that is being prepared in the afternoon around a family gathering for a family meeting and enjoyment purpose. The cooking of this special meal takes much time but the time is worthy it since the degustation is very nice and sweat in the mouth accompanied by a bottle of wine. Wine is very important for the digestion process. Yellow cabbage with red beans is being cooked for two reasons, the first reason is due to the fact that the yellow cabbage contains so much minerals and the red beans has very much proteins. Reasons why it is being prepared during a family gathering due to the richness it has in terms of food. Yellow cabbage with red beans and sweat potatoes comes from the locality of South West region in Cameroon, precisely in the Mbam region.

Cooking method

Yellow Cabbage with red beans and sweat potatoes is cooked by frying and stewing.

Cooking ingredients

  1. 1 Yellow cabbage
  2. Three cups of red beans
  3. Six sweat potatoes
  4. Three fresh tomatoes
  5. One onions
  6. A handful of garlics
  7. Fresh ginger
  8. Two cubes of Maggi
  9. A pinch of salt

Cooking process

  1. Wash the yellow cabbage and slice into very small parts.
  2. When washing, use salt to wash it properly.
  3. Wash the tomatoes.
  4. Slice the tomatoes into small halves
  5. Peel off the garlics and cut into small parts.
  6. Wash the onions and slice the onions
  7. Peel off the ginger and slice into small parts.
  8. Remove the peelings of the six sweat potatoes and wash it very well, wash it properly.
  9. The first thing to do is to buy the sweat potatoes.
  10. The sweat potatoes takes about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  11. After boiling the sweat potatoes, the next thing to do to prepare the beans
  12. Put the beans on fire for about three to four hours.
  13. When boiling, make sure to put salt in the pot when boiling so as to give it more taste.
  14. When the beans is ready, go ahead to stew it.
  15. In order to stew the beans, use tomatoes and some onions to stew the beans
  16. Pour groundnut oil into the pot,
  17. After the groundnut oil, the next thing to follow is the tomatoe and the onions
  18. After pour the boiled beans into the pot and stir.
  19. Put salt into the food, followed by maggi.
  20. After this, pour into the pot three cups of water.
  21. Allow the food on fire for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  22. After ten to fifteen minutes on fire, your food is ready.
  23. The last thing to cook is the yellow cabbage.
  24. Boil the yellow cabbage for a period of thirty minutes.
  25. When thirty minutes has passed, remove from fire.
  26. Take the sliced onions and tomatoes and pour into the groundnut oil on fire
  27. After this, throw into the pot the boiled cabbage.
  28. Allow the food on fire for about five minutes.
  29. After five minutes, remove from fire.
  30. Your food is ready.
  31. Serve unto a plate and enjoy your food.

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