Cameroon – Congo Meat

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Congo meat is snail meat. Congo meat is well appreciated by the people of the North West parts of Cameroon due to the fact that it is believed to be a blood cleanser. People of Southern Cameroon are so much into the belief that they even turn up to rare snails so as to later on cook it and use in the purifcation of the blood by those who are either sick or healthy. Fo healthy people, it is a way method to cook themselves save from illnesses of all kinds. Due to this, most people who believe into this, see themselves eating at least ten congo meats a day. It is quite much as quantity. The taste of congo meat is like fish. It is very soft in the mouth when chewiwng as it has no bones. Congo meat with baton de manioc is mostly prepared in the Southern part of Cameroon, precisely in Mamfe, in the South Wset region of cameroon with headquarters Buea.


The cooking method am going to use to cook congo meat with baton de manioc is stewing. I am going to fry the meat after boiing it..


  • Congo meat
  • Red Pepper
  • Yellow pepper
  • Four tomatoes to use all
  • One onion
  • Mixture of spices like Poiro, poivrons. This should be  in the powder form.
  • Much quantity of celeri
  • Much quantity of percil
  • Groundnut soil


  • Salt to add taste
  • Maggi to add more taste.
  • Green pepper
  • Cube maggic


  1. Wash the congo meat thoroughly with boiled water for a period of thirty minutes.
  2. Place in  a bowl of boiled water.
  3. After sometime, wash it again in boiled water.
  4. After washing it, you can now boil it for a period of one hour. After one hour on fire, remove and place in a clean bowl.
  5. Wash and clean the tomatoes, onions and slice into small sizes. Keep it on a clean plate.
  6. Wash the yellow pepper and the red pepper, then grind using a molinex or a grinding stone. It depends on you and what you have as resources at hand.
  7. After grinding the yellow pepper and red pepper, proceed in the frying of the congo meat.
  8. Put groundnutoil in a pot and place on fire.
  9. When the groundnut oil begins to steam, throw in the tomatoes and the onions into the pot.
  10. Add in small maggi and stir.
  11. Like after one minute, throw in the congo meat and stir.
  12. After some minutes like two minutes, throw in the other spices like grinded red and yellow pepper, the powder poiro and poivron.
  13. After this, add in small water.
  14. A cup of water is sufficient, since you are dealing in stewing the congo meat using tomatoes and onions.
  15. After utmost five minutes of the food on fire, remove it immediately and turn off the fire.


Congo meat, you can be eaten with many things like yams and rice especially if it is being stewed as well as it can be eaten empty.

In my case here, I shall eat it with bation de manioc, that i shall buy from the market already boiled.

Enjoy your meal, it is a very soft meat, with no difficulty in chewing it.

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