Cameroon – Akra and Beans/Breakfast Cuisine

by Haman Kingah

Akra Recipe by Bashminho - Cookpad

Tea or Pap… Very common in Cameroon and cheap… In Cameroon, along the road, you could see an aged lady that has been frying Akra for a very long time. It is like a profession for most people and a sauce of income. This helps the poor and at times the rich too. For the poor, it is because it is cheap and very affordable, this could also go for the rich who could save their money taking breakfast in an expensive restaurant before going to work. Rather the could just rush to the road, or send their children to buy for them while they dress up for up. It saves your time. Akra is very important breakfast cuisine in Cameroon, made from white beans seeds. To prepare this, follow guide below;


  • Well steeped peeled beans
  • Salt to taste. 


  • Grind. Make sure it is a little bit thick than too thick. Regulate thickness by adding water and mixing well. Add your salt to taste.
  • Heat your oil in your deep fry pan, scope your beans paste, and put in the pot. Fry until one side is brown. Then using a dry wooden spoon, that has a little pointed end, use it to turn the Akra on the other side.
  • When the other side is brawn, you can remove.

Serve with Bread accompanied with Tea or Pap. 

Check Out the Following Article on Puff-Puff. Couldn’t put the processes in one article. It could have been too long. 

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