Cameroon – Courri Powder Rice With Green Beans Vegetables

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia.

If there is anything that is uniform in this life, that is globally recognized and eaten everywhere, it is not other than rice. Though, there may be existing different types of rice, the best from all this is that the name still remains rice. Due to this, it is a food that can be eaten with other complements like it can be eaten on its own without the use of other complements. As a way forward, it is food that can manipulated anyhow and cooked as desired. I think, it can be called a Food of all seasons. It enters anywhere and adapts itself in the best of manners. It does so without causing harm to anyone, but to the satisfaction of all and everyone. It cannot be counted down in an easy manner to know the different species of rice, as there exist a long list number with names such as Ndop rice, Babungo rice, Tole rice, perfurmed rice, just to name a few out the eventual long list. What is bringingmy concern here is to teach people how to cook and enjoy courri powder rice with green beans vegetables. Courri powder rice is a rice that is mostly and oftenly eaten in Nigeria, a wset African country. In this country, rice cannot be eaten and enjoyed without the use of courri powder. Courri powder is a powder that gives rice after its preparation a yellow color. It is highly used and appreciated by the Nigerian people in general and Cameroonians also. In English speaking parts of Cameroon, due to its closeness with Nigeria, many inhabitants have adopted the use of courri powder when preparing their rice in order to better enjoy and bring out a unique taste from the rice after its preparation.


  1. One sachet of courri powder
  2. Three kilos of rice of your choice and preference.
  3. Two round and fresh tomatoes to use
  4. One onions to use
  5. Celeri to use
  6. Percil to use
  7. Ginger to use
  8. Garlics to use
  9. Green beans vegetables to use
  10. Green pepper to use
  11. Red or yellow pepper to use
  12. Groundnut to use
  13. Salt and maggi to use

Now, it is time to cook

  1. Clean the tomatoes, onions, percil, yellow celeri and clean and peel off the ginger, garlics, then slice them into small pieces and grind them in a thorough manner. Add just a little bit of water that is enough for it to grind well.
  2. After this wash the rice and rinse it inorder for it to be clean. Then put it in a clean bowl. Do not put water into the rice again.
  3. After gathering them all and making sure everything is set, pour groundnut oil into the pot. When the oil begins to steam, put the grinded ingredients and stir. Add little bit of maggi and salt. After this, begin adding rice little by little till you put everything into the pot. Then stir and stir and stir.
  4. Now, tear the one sachet of courri powder  and pour in the rice and and add also the green beans vegetables and stir. After stirring, add in a cup of water and put salt and maggi to be liking. Allow the food for a period of seven to ten minutes. When it is ready, serve yourself or anyone around you.
  5. Enjoy your corripowder with grean beans vegetables.
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