Ghana – Fufu and Goat Light Soup

by Marko Judia

Ghana is blessed with delicious dishes, especially Fufu, the most eaten and respected cuisine in Ghana. Taking Akan ethnic group whereby Fufu is considered to be the first lead over other foods. Fufu it has a number of methods when comes to preparation, some are Fufu with Palm Nut Soup, Fufu with Groundnut Soup and our today cuisine of Fufu with Light Soup.

Don’t wonder about a Fufu with fish roast, yes it can be made with any one choice, consider about other people who are allergic to meat, meat from any animal.

This dish also can do the best to replace Fufu with goat light soup, although you may be better in fish recipe, still Fufu will always need some steps to follow when cooking it.

Don’t feel like giving up from this cuisine just because “it will always need some steps to follow” as today we will both prepare this cuisine right here. Stay tuned, up on your kitchen, now. Welcome to this cuisine.


We will start with a collection of all ingredients as follows below;

  • 3 big Cassava/Yam
  • 1 kg of goat meat
  • 4 tomatoes (blend)
  • 2 bulb onions
  • salt
  • grinned garlic
  • pepper powder
  • Peanut butter
  • 1 packet of coconut


Let us start to cook Fufu then will windup with our goat soup. Fufu preparation might change with instruments used, here we will cover some of the methods, probably two of them. One will be using traditional ways and the second will be one among the modern ways. Let us get started.

  • Get those 3 Cassava and peel them.
  • Wash and cut into pieces, for easy cook. Put into cooking pan.
  • Put enough water into the pan containing cassava pieces.
  • Boil for 20 minutes or more depending on the hardness of cassava.
  • Take off from heat and cool them, remove any soup left to leave them dry. Add salt for taste before mashing it to Fufu.
  • Traditionally, once the cassava cools, it is then taken into traditional pestle and mortar for grinding process.
  • Two or one person hold the mortar while the other roll up the cassava grinned until it is soft.
  • You may look on the pictures and get a whole view about what I’m talking on.
  • Once the grinning process finishes, one will roll each sized piece into a round like shaped, that’s to say Fufu.

From traditionally view, it looks like you need a couple of people to make it work. What about modern ways?, let us have a look here;

  • Mash the pieces using potato mash, for easy blending.
  • Using a blender, start to blend with high speed to low speed, until the mix is sticky and smooth as seen in picture.
  • Roll each handy sized piece of Fufu into a round shape, ready for meal.

We are done with Fufu, the following are steps on finalizing with the goat soup, let’s get it done;

  • Wash and clean meat. Cut into small pieces.
  • Boil for 20 minutes, to smooth it. (Goat meat is a little hard than cow or sheep meat)
  • Chop onions into the pan with meat, add 2 spoons of garlic, tomato soup and salt, mix them well while in heat.
  • Boil for 15 minutes again and check if meat is ready (soft and easy to chew).
  • Add coconut and peanut butter, 2 cups of water for soup, then boil it while open for 7 or less minutes.

Once you have done all the processes, add Fufu into the soup, and serve it warm with pepper powder aside for the marvelous taste. This cuisine is eaten with bare hands to feel like “no letter missing”(don’t miss the taste from touching feelings). Enjoy with Family and friends.

Fufu with Goat light soup
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