Cameroon – Djombo Vegetables Sauce

by Joella Eve

Djombo vegetables sauce is a local cuisine that has taken the name of a locality being called Djombo. The name Djombo is as result of the djombo vegetable plant that is found in Djombo. It is a green plant that is being cultivated by the Djombo inhabitants in a local way with local methods. It is a whole communion of things that take place. The local cuisine of how to cook djombo sauce represents the culture of the Djombo inhabitants in that it carries the name Djombo and also the leaves that is used in the preparation is called Djombo. So it is a whole culture that is being portrayed by the food Djombo Sauce. Djombo sauce comes from a locality found in the Nkambe region, in the sub division of Ngokentujia in Cameroon.

The method used to prepare Djombo vegetables Sauce is called stewing of the sauce. It is a very simple method of cooking and very common in cooking.

Cooking ingredients

What are the cooking ingredients used in cooking Djombo vegetables sauce? These ate the following ingredients used in cooking Djombo vegetables sauce

  1. A packet of fresh Djombo leaves
  2. A bundle of dry mbongo fish
  3. A packet of fresh crayfish
  4. Intestines of cow.
  5. Half litre of red oil
  6. Three fresh tomatoes
  7. One fresh onions
  8. Half glove of garlics
  9. Half glove of ginger
  10. Three maggi cube
  11. A teaspoon of salt

Cooking process

In the following, I shall explain how to cook the djombo sauce step by step with a picture at the end of cooking process.

  1. Wash the Djombo vegetables leaves
  2. Cut the Djombo vegetables leaves into small halves. It should not be too small in size when cutting
  3. Boil the Djombo leaves for about fifteen minutes
  4. Soak the mbongo fish in a clean bowl of water
  5. Soak for a period of five minutes.
  6. After five minutes, remove the mbongo fish from water and separate into small halves.
  7. Slice the tomatoes into six halves each.
  8. Slice the onions into very tiny halves
  9. Put the sliced tomatoes and onions in a clean plate and cover from flies and insects.
  10. Remove the peelings of the ginger
  11. Remove the peelings of the garlics
  12. Slice the garlics into small pieces
  13. Slice the garlics into small pieces
  14. Together with the garlics and the ginger, grind them together.
  15. Put the pot on fire.
  16. Put a small quantity of red oil in the pot
  17. Throw into the pot, the sliced tomatoes and onions together with the grind garlics and ginger.
  18. Stir the pot and leave for about one minute.
  19. After this, throw into the pot the Djombo vegetable leaves.
  20. After this is the mbongo fish, then the crayfish.
  21. Stir the pot consistently for about three minutes.
  22. Pour a cup of water into the pot, then salt and the three maggis so as to give it a very good taste.
  23. Close the pot with a lid for about ten minutes.
  24. After each five minutes, check the sauce on sauce.
  25. At the ten minute, it is ready

Your Djombo vegetables is ready.

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