Nigeria, Cameroon – Ogbono Soup

By Verdzekov Bernard

Ogbono soup is a draw soup. It is often called swallow. This soup is a very delicious soup and it is valued in Cameroon and Nigeria. This is the meal where most people who consume it, lick their five fingers. It could be found in most African restaurant, like in Nigeria and Cameroon. The meal is eating with Fufu or Cooked garri. Most at times eating this meal, the accompaniment like fufu or garri is not usually chewed before swallowing. That is because the soup doesn’t permit you to do so. Lol. Oh Yes, it doesn’t permit you because the soup draws a lot and once you put food in your mouth, you are tempted just to swallow. To prepare Ogbono soup, follow instructions below.


  • Ogbono seeds
  • Red meat
  • Dry fish
  • Pomo (cow skin)
  • Cameroon Dry pepper if possible 
  • Palm oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Bitter leaf or pumkin leaves
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi
  • Cray fish 


  • Wash and chop your pumpkin leaves
  • Blend your ogbono seeds. Blend your pepper. You could still prefer to pawn.
  • Wash your caw skin very well and cut into eatable sizes.
  • Wash your meat and cut too. boil using a pressure cooker, your caw skin and meat. This is if you want to go fast. (25-30min)
  • After it is ready turn into cooking pot and add your fish and water and cook all together. 
  • Add five spoon of palm oil and five spoon of vegetable oil and stir well.
  • Add your ogbono and stir. Stir until begins to thicken and draw. You may add more water or stock water if stock is available if the soup is too thick.
  • Add your chopped pumpkin leaves and stir.
  • Cook for 15-25min and remove.
  • Add your full red bell pepper stir.

Serve with fufu or garri as seen in the picture above.


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