Cameroon – How to Cook Douala Meat Pie

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The African food dish is immensely rich in terms of food and culture. Food is part of the culture as culture represents the aspects of life in the African culture. To better know and understand the African continent, it is good to master its culture which is made up of language, tradition and food. Unfortunately and fortunately, it is so much that it is easy to explore at onetime. The best way to explore is to start by exploring the diversified food diet. To easily pick up, let us begin with the douala meat pie as the focal point and case study. Douala meat pie is special diet eaten in the littoral part of Cameroon. It is a region close to the Atlantic ocean with its common river known as River Wouri. It is a city full of life, enjoyment, day in, day out. It is a town  that never sleeps.A town known for its welcoming characteristics to both strangers and nationals from other parts of the country like Bertoua and the Nord of Cameroon. Cameroon popularly known as ‘‘Afique en miniature ’’is a rich country full of both national and imported diets making it a rich country culturally.

Douala meat pie is a combination of both the modern era and old era. In the following paragraphs, i shall explain its preparation, for it is a diet that is worth cooking and worth eating.


  • Two ripe plantains
  • Onions
  • Two raw irish potatoes
  • Two raw peppers
  • Two small green pepper
  • One tomato
  • One tablespoon of Mayonnaise
  • One tablespoon of Motard
  • A hand full of percil
  • A hand full of celeri
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi to taste
  • Half kilo of meat. Depending on your, the meat can either be pork or beef. It can still be chicken. As I said, it all depends on your choice and preferences. For esxample, here in Douala, some people do it with bush meat, that is animals that do stay in the bush. So it all depends on you.


  • Wash the half kilo meat diligently removing any dirt
  • Then chop the meat into small slices alongside with onions, then depending on your desired quantity, put oil on fire.
  • When the groundnut oil becomes hot, add in the chop meat alongside with the onions, then add salt and water. Then wait for about thirty minutes to bring it out from fire.
  • As the meat ison fire, peel the two ripe plantains and also the potatoes and slice them according to the size you want. From here, fry them seperately to be either dry or wet. When done, serve them on a plate.
  • When done at this level, continue with tthe meat on fire, add in a teaspoon of grinded white pepper, add maggi, then continue frying. When it has fried for about five minutes, remove it from the pot and serve it on a large plate.
  • In a bowl, wash the green pepper, onion, celery and percil. After  washing the green pepper, celery and percil, chop them on a chopping board into small sizes or big, depending on you. When done, put them all on your ready food.
  • Now your food is ready to enjoy.


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