Pakistan – Palak Gosht ( Chicken Spinach Curry)

by Dahiza Umar


Spinach is called Palak in urdu. And we know it has so much nutrition and health benefits. Likewise Palak Gosht is one of the most eatable traditional recipe in Pakistan. Not only on causal days, people love to cook and eat it on every festival and ceremonies. Our festivals and ceremonies are incomplete without having this dish in our menu cards. Mostly in Mehndi ceremony and Bari Eid, we make sure to have this dish on our dinning tables for our special guests. Combination of this healthy vegetable with meat makes it not only delicious and mouth watering. Thus the dish is very popular among all groups of ages.

Today I have planned to prepare Chicken Spinach because chicken spinach is a traditional food of Pakistan. Now it has become tradition to serve Chicken Spinach especially on marriage ceremonies in Pakistan.  As we know that spinach is a great source of Vitamins and iron that are good to health and when it is mixed with chicken it  became the cause of increase in taste. Chicken make it more delicious. There are small in number vegetables that contain vitamin k. chicken and spinach is a combination that helps in making it a healthy food.

Chicken Spinach

It is a best idea that came in to my mind to share with you a healthy recipe. I planned that I should share a recipe of some green leaves vegetable. So I decided that I should prepare Spinach with chicken. It is unique in taste and good for health. Green leaves vegetables are rich in calcium that is good for bones, so you also try this recipe at home and make your bones strong and powerful.This Palak Chicken recipe is perfect for a weekend meal when you have the time and mood is about in the kitchen with nothing else. It also tastes even better the next day since the spices and flavour


  1. Chicken1/2  Kg
  2. Spinach 01 kg
  3. Onion  02 Chopped
  4. Ginger paste 1/2tbs
  5. Garlic paste ½ tbs
  6. Tomato 2 chopped
  7. Green Chili 4
  8. Red pepper grounded ½ tsp
  9. Salt ½ tsp
  10. Water 4 cup
  11. Coriander powder 1/2tsp
  12. Oil ½ cup
  13. Milk ½ cup
  14. Black pepper Powder ½ tsp
  15. Turmeric powder ¼ tsp

Spinach Boiling

  • First of all cut off the thick stems of the spinach.
  • Then wash the spinach leaves well.
  • Put it in the hot pan, pour water and keep on the medium flame and wait for 15-20 minutes.
  • After 15-20 minutes strain the spinach leaves.
  •   Now blend it with the help of blinder.
  • Put the blended spinach into the bowl.


  • Wash the chicken
  • Put the oil in a pan and keep it on flame
  • Put the chopped onion and wait 5-7 minutes till the onion turned into golden brown.
  •  When it turned into golden brown put ginger and garlic paste in it
  • Put the chicken in it and wait for 05 minutes.
  •  Add tomato and green chili and wait for 03 minutes
  • Pour salt, Black pepper, red pepper, turmeric powder and coriander powder and wait for 15 minutes so that the chicken may be roasted well.
  • When the chicken will be roasted then put the blended spinach in it.
  • Put milk and mix well.
  • Covered it and low the flame wait extra 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes chicken spinach is ready to serve.
  •  Chicken spinach can be served with chapatti or boil rice. This dish can be served in lunch or dinner.  

Chicken Spinach

Here is a Chicken Spinach now try it your own home for enjoying it.

preparation time : 20 minutes

cooking time : 30 minutes

servings : four persons

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