Cameroon – How to Cook Green Leaf With Goat Meat

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The name green leaf typically says it all about the texture of the leaf though the majority of leaves are green in color, though this typeof leaf is a little bit quite different as this one in particular can be eaten in its raw form cooked for or better still cooked form. The green leaf as it is being calle is a leaf well known in Central African countries as well as Eastern African countries especially in the English speaking countries in the African continent with most of its consumption concentration enacting from Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon with Cameroon emerging on a higher consumption rate as compared to others. This is because, the green leaf finds its origin in the Grasslands of Cameroon, that is the English speaking parts of Cameroon, notably, the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon before spreading to the other parts of Ameroon, that is the French speaking zones of Cameroon. Nonetheless, the green leaf is a very delicious meal when best prepared especially to vegans. Though in the following paragraphs following the cooking method demonstrated, everyone finds his own, vegan or no vegan, it is very delicious and easy to cook.


  • A bundle of green leaf
  • ½ kilo of goat meat
  • Two big tomatoes
  • One big onion
  • One glove garlics
  • A cooking spoon of groundnut oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi to taste
  • Grinded white pepper,
  • Pepper optional.

Cooking method

  • You need to fix the green leaves, removing all dirt and unwanted leaves. After cleaning it, wash it, cuti t into smaller portions from which you put into a closed pot for boiling for a period of 15 minutes. When ready, put the the boiled green leaves in a shifter for the water the drain. When it has been done, put the green leaves in a bowl. Pour water into it, then wast its severally for it to become clean.
  • Now slice the ½ kilo goat meat into smaller slices as desired. After doing so, boil it for about thirty minutes for it to become ready completely. After doing so, remove the boiled meat from fire and put in a bowl and cover, or better still, you can still allow it in the pot till you want to use. But remember this, make sure to protect it by covering it with a pot lit or a silver plate, depending on your choice.
  • After doing this, begin slicing the two big tomatoes, the onion in a plate altogether.  Also, peel off the garlics and chop it into small sizes. After having done this, place all the cooking ingredients on the kitchen table, that is the grinded white pepper, salt, maggi and pepper depending on your choice. When done this, everthing is set to cook.
  • Now put the groundnut oil in a pot using a cooking spoon to do so. When the groundnut oil heats, start putting the sliced tomatoes, onions, grinded green pepper, chopped garlic. When it has been done and all these begin to start heating, put the green leaf into the pot and stir.
  • Add salt and maggi and a little bit of water.
  • Allow it for a period of five to ten minutes. From time to time, do well to check. When you must have noticed a change, put the boiled goat meat and stir also and wait for about 2 minutes.
  • After two minutes, remove your pot of food from fire. Your food is ready, serve in a beautifull plate and enjoy your meal.

NB: It can be eaten with cocoyams, yams, plantains and fufu, depending on your preferences.

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