Mbo, Cameroon – Cooking Ekusi Pudi

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Ekusi pudi is a meal having its origin from the Mbo. It is a meal that portrays the history of the Mbo as there are groups of Mbo, the Mbo from the littoral and the Mbo from the Southwest. The Mbo from the SouthWest are the ones having ekusi pudi as a traditional meanl. Mbo is a locality situated in the Littoral part of Cameroon.


To begin with, it is good to emphasize on the fact that ekusi pudi is a simple food to cook and can be eaten either emply or with a complement to accompagny it with it.

Therefore, what is being needed in order to cook Ekusi pudi ?

  1. You need to have ekusi seeds in its raw nature, that is in the form of seeds.
  2. Look for dry fish, locally being mbonca. It is of many sizes, you either take the small size or the big size. Mbonca is fresh fish that has undergone a transformation, that is, it has been placed under the sun inorder that it can become dry. Reason why, it is being called dry fish.
  3. Look for plantain leaves and wash them then place them of fire for three to five seconds, then remove and wipe them.
  4. Get a glove of garlics and peel off the skin.
  5. Get two or three ginger and clean it as well.
  6. After doing all these, move now to the next step of the preparation.
  7. Salt and maggi for taste and qualitiness.

How to prepare Ekusi pudi

  1. Having gathered all the necessary requirements to cook ekusi pudi such as ekusi seeds, ginger, garlics, salt and maggi, being with the grinding of the ekusi seeds alone. Next grind the ginger, onions and garlics separately from each other. When grinding, remember to add a little bit of water.
  2. The next thing to do after grinding is to boil the dry fish till it becomes ready. Then clean the inside and separate.
  3. After doing of all these, mix them all, that is the grinded ekusi seeds, ginger, garlics, onions and add in salt and maggi as desired, then add in the boiled dry fish. Mix them well.
  4. Now, cut the plantains leaves into small sizes and start feeling them with the mixed ekusi. After doing this, place them a pot and add in a water for it to steam and become ready. Allow the ekusi on for a long period of about thirty to forty five minutes. When ready, remove from fire and serve it hot.


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