Cameroon – Grilled Fish and Parte

by Haman Kingah

Grilled fish with herb dressing | Gourmet Traveller

Fish has always stood out as one of those delicious living things that humans use to feed themselves for growth and satisfaction. A lot of nutrients are found in fish and this is a boost to eating fish. Fisher men with big boots go deep into the sea or ocean for fish. This is then brought back to be sold. There are a lot of water reserve in my country as well that provide the town or community with fish. Isn’t that interesting. In my country and around bars, snack, clubs or around the market, you will see women grilling fish. This is being sold to those that can afford.

Cameroon has a very large body of water, around Limbe we have the sea that goes into the ocean. That is how big it is. We have Douala with river Wourri and even the longest river in Cameroon the Sanagal. But fish is mostly harvested from the ocean by huge companies like Congelcam.  This is greatly valued by those living around there. We have the Bassa, the pigmies the Ewondoes. This are some of the tribes that make up Cameroon. They say they are being blessed by the gods. Like the Bassa people, on their feast day, a man goes into the water with a basket and comes back with information that the natives are to follow for that year. The other interesting part about this event is that, the basket comes out dry with no water on it or in it. Is a myth and I can’t explain? 

Fish is one of the oldest foods to have been eating on earth. It was with fish that Jesus Christ fed thousands of people with bread. Fish was long cherished and appreciated. I like grill fish and I hope you do too. 

Most people in my country will rather choose fish over meat because it is cheap and more available and too it very nutritional too. To grill your fish, follow guide below;    


  • White pepper
  • Ripe plantain
  • Maggi 
  • Garlics 
  • Salt to taste
  • Carrot
  • Onions
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Njangsa seeds
  • Fish
  • Marinade


  • Wash your fish, cut and remove all bile from the belle and gills from the head. Cut and removes fins. After doing so, put your fish in a bowl, make sure you add or sprinkle salt. This helps to drive away flies, while or when you are preparing other ingredients to be applied on the fish before grilling. 
  • Chop your green spices and blend. 
  • Grind your white pepper and ginger. Keep aside. 
  • Grater your carrot into presentable slices. Chop onion and keep aside. Make sure you make more ginger and garlics because you will use some on the fish, mixed with oil and marinade. Mix your ginger, white pepper in vegetable oil. This helps for the oiling and roasting. It helps for preventing the fish from burning and also helps for the spicing. Mix with salt to taste and maggi. Add your marinade in it and stir. Make sure the sides of your fish are cut. You could cut 3 or 5 times depending how big the fish is. This is also to enable your prepared spices to penetrate. 
  • Prep your partê. It is simple. Heat your oil, add your peeled chopped plantains, fry. After it is ready, smash flat and keep aside. That is all. 
  • Light up your coal, make sure it is hot and burning, but NO flames. 
  • According to the grill pan, apply your mix spices on each side of the fish and place on the grill. And according to how experienced you are, you cold roast one fish at a time or 2 or 3. That depends on you and your skill. 
  • During grilling process, make sure you continue to add your mixed oil of other ingredients. This is to avoid the fish from getting dry and burn. 
  • Remove when ready and serve with chopped onions and carrot, and some of the mixed ginger and white pepper, with marinade. This acts as your sauce. Serve with your partê…

Good Appetite.

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