Singapore – Mee Pok

by Shehroz Gill

Mee Pok is very unique and tasty noodles that are very saucy and creamy. This is actually a hawker food of Singapore. It is not like simple noodles actually, it is something different in its appearance.

Mee Pok noodles are wide and flatter as compared to simple noodles. There are thin egg noodles. Mee Pok is the CHINESE NOODLES but famous in Singapore especially. These are the most favorite worldwide noodles. Mee Pok is the street food of Singapore. Mee Pok is always present on every occasion in Singapore. Mostly young people like this.

Mee pok is not only famous in Singapore but also in Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more.


Mee KIA is the small version of Mee Pok. Mee Kia is more this but small in its size and its texture is smooth and silky and its color is yellow.


Chinese noodles are made in China, it is actually very different from all other noodles because it is

  • wide in width
  • thin and long

Chinese style noodles are famous in all the east Asia countries, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, etc.


These noodles are served in the Chaoshan region of China.


Chaoshan is the region in the east of China. which is near Guangdong. This region is actually located in the origin of Min Nan Chaosan dialect. It is actually called Cantonese.


Sauce plays a very important role in noodles, it makes your dish perfect if you choose the perfect sauce for your noodles. Noodles are nothing without sauce. You can use a similar sauce that is used in pasta or macaroni. But it is necessary that the sauce you use in your noodles must be spicy, have a chili taste in it. Some people use the creamy sauce in it that is not so effective so you should use the spicy sauce in your noodles that are called “MEE POK”.


Soup is the side dish of noodles that is very effective is you serve it before noodles and then serve this. But the main thing about soup s the noodles can also be prepared in the soup version. you can serve noodles in the soup so that people enjoy two dishes in one dish. Noodles and sauce play a similar role as soup and noodles. So it is up to you that which type of combination you prefer for your serving of the dish.


There are different kinds of noodles in Singapore

  • Kway Teow
  • Ban Mian
  • Bee Tai Mak
  • Mee Tai Mak
  • Yellow Noodles
  • Hokkien Mee
  • Laksa Noodles
  • Mee Sua
  • Mee Pok
  • Bee Hoon/Mee Hoon


  • Boiled egg
  • Roasted Chicken 
  • Mushrooms 
  • sweet potatoes



For Marination

  • pork
  • salt
  • vinegar
  • soy sauce
  • black pepper
  • oil
  • corn flour

For noodles

  • Noodles
  • oil
  • salt
  • water


  • fish sauce
  • salt
  • oil
  • vinegar


  • marinade with the ingredients mentioned above.
  • put noodle in the pan and add all the spices in it.
  • boil the noodles.
  • fry pork in the pan.
  • add all the suaces in the noodles.
  • assemble all the things together.
  • serve them.

Preparation: 20 min

Cook: 20 min

Serving: 2 people

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