Cameroon – Meat Patch With Tomatoes

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Meat patch with tomatoes is a meat specie that is being cooked for festivals and ceremonies. The reason being that meat is highly loved and appreciated by people in general and cooking it in a special way and manner will make it to be more appreciated. This is why meat patch with tomatoes is is a recipe to be cooked during party times so as to make the invitees and guests very happy when leaving from the party place. The aim of this food is actually to make people happy when they are going back to their various homes. The meat is well spiced and highly tasting. The taste of the meat is generally the one of fried meat that has gone through the process of stewing. The taste is very sweat as you can easily get the taste of maggi adding a special favour. The type of maggi that shall be used in cooking meat patch with tomatoes is that of ajina moto. Meat patch with tomatoes is cooked in West region of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in cooking meat patch with tomatoes is that of frying. The entire food is being fried and not stewed.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Half Kilo of beef meat.
  2. One kilo of fresh tomatoes
  3. One fresh onions.
  4. A handful of fresh celery and percil.
  5. Fresh red pepper.
  6. Fresh yellow pepper.
  7. A sachet of ajina moto maggi.
  8. Get a litre of groundnut oil

Cooking process

  1. Begin with the washing of the half kilo of meat.
  2. After washing the half kilo of meat, proceed to the next thing.
  3. Boil the meat for around thirty minutes.
  4. When boiling the meat, put a little bit of salt in the pot when boiling the meat.
  5. After boiling the meat, proceed to the washing the tomatoes, the onions, the celery and the percil.
  6. Slice the tomatoes, the onions, the celery and the percil into small.
  7. Instead of grinding the tomatoes, the onions, the celery and the percil, you should mash it using a mortar. A mortar is preferable since it has a round end instead of using a stick or a spoon to mash the tomatoes, percil, onions, red pepper and yellow.
  8. Get a clean shiny pot and put on fire.
  9. Wait for the water in the pot to dry off.  When the water has dried off,
  10. Immediately the water dries off from the pot, put some groundnut oil in the pot and wait for the groundnut oil to become hot.
  11. When the groundnut oil becomes hot, pour into the pot the mashed spices, which is the tomatoes, onions, celery and percil.
  12. When the water in the tomatoes is about to become dry, the next thing to do immediately is to put the meat in the pot.
  13. Just a little bit of water in the pot.
  14. One quarter cup of water is enough to be put in the pot.
  15. Since the food is cooked by frying, the food should not stay for long on fire.
  16. If stays long on fire, the food will get burn. If it stays less on fire than the time it is supposed to spend, it will not be ready as it is supposed to be ready. So it is a matter of finding the right equilibrium when cooking meat patch with tomatoes.
  17. In order to find and get the right equilibrium, it is good to check the food from time to time and do not close the pot. Since it is frying, the frying should be done by stirring the food till it is ready. At most, ten minutes is enough for the food to be ready.

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