Cameroon – Njacatu (Garden Egg) Stew

by Nghonazie Annabel

Garden Egg or Njacatu as it is commonly called by the English speaking people of Cameroon is a fruit vegetable which is highly nutritive and an income generating source for most people as it is sold by hawkers some of which carry in trays to sell or put on small tables for sale. Njacatu serves an important role in the culture of Cameroon as it is regarded as cola nuts which is said that “HE WHO BRINGS COLA NUTS BRINGS PEACE”. From garden eggs comes a delicious meal called njakatu stew or garden egg stew and it is a common meal prepared by the people of the kom, metah, nkambe, ndu and wum clan. Garden egg stew is a very economical dish and can be sold in restaurants as a very special dish thus costly in turn generating income to the vendors. Njacatu stew is served with sometimes with unripe plantains and sometimes fufu corn and garri.


  1. 10 large garden eggs
  2. 3 large fresh tomatoes
  3. 2 medium sized mackerel fish
  4. 1 large onion
  5. A tbsp. ground crayfish
  6. Salt and seasoning to taste
  7. Vegetable oil

Cooking process

  • Boil garden egg until its soft and dark green in color
  • Place them in cool water for it to get cool and peel off the skin
  • Using a blender, blend slightly or marsh in a mortar slice onions and tomatoes and get all the seasonings ready
  • Wash, cut and fry mackerel fish and put aside
  • warm vegetable oil and add sliced tomatoes and onions and stir regularly until its done
  • Add Cray fish, seasoning , Maggi and salt and stir
  • Add the garden egg paste , add half a cup of water and stir
  • Allow to cook till the water dries off and the sauce starts to fry
  • Put the fried fish and allow to cook for 10 minutes
  • Taste to make sure everything is ok and put out the flame

Njacatu or garden egg stew is ready. What a special delicacy for those who believe is good food. Good food, health leaving= good life. This stew is served with boiled unripe plantains and some people enjoy it with a cup of fresh palm wine by the side. It can also be eaten with boiled sweet potatoes. Good appetite

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