Hong Kong (China) – Butter Roast Goose

by Sheroz Gill


Roast goose is actually a Christmas special dish in Hong Kong, Christmas is incomplete without this dish. This dish has a unique taste, its buttery stuff which is the crunchy chicken from outside and melting butter from inside when we take a bite its cream coming outside is so yummy. We just put the spicy whole chicken in the oven and enjoy it late. Its beautiful crispy full chicken is so delicious that you can’t regret eating this dish. You can eat crispy butter-roasted goose in the

  • lunch
  • dinner
  • or whenever you are craving

This dish is actually based on the goose, but it is not the normal one, Hong Kong has a unique goose from its region which they make eat in a special way and serve it with buttery stuff. Goose is so yummy, seriously its taste is out of the world, whenever you go to Hong Kong, you should eat this dish if you are not then you must regret it, Every country or region has its own unique taste because they make it in some special way by using different ingredients according to their area. Most of the ingredients are not available in other countries that is why it has its unique way. You can serve this dish with

  • Fried potatoes
  • Salad
  • Sauces
  • Butter
  • Chappati
  • Rice

Time management

  • Preparation time: 30 minutes
  • Cooking time: 50 minutes
  • Total time: 1 1/2 hour

Nutrition aspects

  • Fats:22g
  • Protein: 18g
  • Carbs: 32g



  • Goose (full)
  • Butter
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • black pepper
  • Garlic paste
  • Ginger paste
  • Yogurt


  • So firstly, you have to clean the goose which is a very important thing. Clean the goose with water and let that dry and now cover it with paper and leave it in the fridge overnight, if your room temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius then you can also preserve it at room temperature.
  • Marination of goose is also the most important thing as well, so take a goose and remove its skin out of there, now put all the spices over it.
  • Now pre-heat the oven put this goose into the oven for roasting for an hour.
  • Now remove from the oven and apply butter over it and put the potatoes over it and heat it for an hour more.
  • Now your goose is ready to eat.
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