Cameroon – Kinsijam Ripe Plantains Mixture With Rice and Fowl

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Kinsijam ripe plantains mixture with rice and fowl is a mixture of the village type of chicken ripe plantains and rice. This mixture or better still the combination of these three give something bushy and village in the taste since all the ingredients used are locally grown made. The fowl used is very hard to chew. It is not an easy task, but when you succeed in chewing the chicken it is very sweat in the mouth. Like the saying goes, no pain no joy. The pain is not intense, but the taste is very sweat and gorgeous in the mouth. The use of ripe plantains makes it to be sweater in the mouth. More so, there is the add up of rice to makes it even sweat. There is no different taste you feel when you eat ripe plantains mixture with rice and fowl. Kinsijam is a village found in Nkar, in Cameroon. Make sure to get a fowl that has been grown in the village land.

Cooking Method

To cook Kinsijam ripe plantains with rice and fowl, you have to use three different methods. The methods are the following, frying and boiling. The rice is being boiled, whereas the ripe plantains and the chicken are being fried.

Cooking Ingredients

Not so many ingredients are needed to cook Kinsijam ripe plantains mixture with rice and fowl. Just a few ingredients are necessary to prepare this wonderful meal.

  1. A bunch of ripe plantains
  2. Three cups of rice
  3. Village grown up fowl.
  4. Groundnut oil.
  5. Leeks to boil the village fowl
  6. Salt to boil the rice

Cooking process

  1. Since the most difficult and longest thing to carry out on the list is the fowl, we have to begin with fowl before moving on to the other things.
  2. Using the leeks, boil the fowl with it. Eventually before boiling the fowl, you must cut it in smaller portions unless you want to eat it full. Boiling the fowl full gives it an additional taste. You can still decide not to use the leeks to boil the chicken, but take my advice is to use the leeks.
  3. Fry the fowl after boiling it. Use groundnut oil to fry the chicken. Still on smaller portions, it is advisable to cut it in small portions so as to make it easy to fry. You can still decide to fry it full. It is left unto you to decide which is best for you.
  4. Then after this, wash the rice and boil. Use a little bit of salt in order to boil the rice.
  5. The last thing to take care of is the ripe plantains. Peel off the ripe plantains, making it clean.
  6. Then slice the ripe plantains into very small small portions.
  7. Fry the ripe plantains making sure the plantains do no absorb much oil, but little bit of oil is sufficient.

This how cooking process of Kinsijam ripe plantains mixture with rice and fowl is all about.

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