Cameroon – Nyamangoro Red Soup

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Nyamangoro red soup is a soup having the taste of red oil. Red oil is being locally made in Cameroon. Red oil is a form of cooking oil that is well loved and highly admired here, locally.  It is the country of groundnut oil. Cooking nyamangoro with red oil gives it a reddish appearance, reason why it is known as nyamangoro red soup. Nyamangoro red soup is a soup that represents the cultural situation of the Bayangui as nyamangoro is a form of meat that is known as snails in English and nyamangoro in the Bayangui dialect, or better still in the Bayangui cultural language. Nyamangoro red soup sees its origin from the Bayangui locality in the Southwestern part of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method of nyamangoro red soup is the stewing method.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Half bowl of nyamangoro
  2. A cup of red oil
  3. Four fresh tomatoes
  4. One fresh
  5. A glove of garlics
  6. A glove of ginger

Seasoning ingredients

  1. Salt to taste
  2. Maggi cube to taste
  3. Maggi crevette

Cooking process

  1. Wash the nyamangoro from the shelves of the snail (nyamangoro)
  2. Boil the nyamangoro for about two hours
  3. Wash the four fresh tomatoes
  4. Slice the four tomatoes
  5. Wash the one fresh onions
  6. Slice the onions
  7. Peel off the garlics and slice the garlics into very small parts
  8. Peel off the ginger and slice the ginger into very small parts
  9. Grind the ingredients together that is the fresh tomatoes, onions, garlics and ginger
  10. Put the pot on fire
  11. Pour red oil on fire and wait for it to steam
  12. When the red oil does steam, throw into the pot the grinded ingredients into the pot
  13. Stir the ingredients that is in the pot for a period of one minute.
  14. When it is ready, pour into the pot the nyamangoro meat and stir the pot.
  15. Put maggi cube into the pot and stir
  16. Put maggi crevette into the pot and stir
  17. Put salt into the pot and stir
  18. Pour into the pot a cup of water and close the pot.
  19. Allow the food on fire for about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes.
  20. After fifteen minutes to twenty minutes, the food should be ready.

When you food is ready, serve the food on a plate of food and enjoy your food.

When eating, nyamangoro red soup is being eaten with the hands.

Wash your hands with clean water and savon.

Rinse your hands with clean water.

Enjoy your Nyamangoro red oil with a lot of appetite.

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