Cameroon – Okereke Red Beans and Black Beans With Boiled Plantains

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Red beans and black beans cooked together is a mixture that is very rare in cooking beans. Most often, it is just red beans that is being prepared when someone has the desire of cooking beans. It is same thing that applies when cooking black beans. It is only the black beans that is being cooked without the red beans added to it. But in this case, it is a combination of the black beans and the red beans altogether that are being joined to give the name Okereke red and black beans with boiled plantains. This beans combination is well loved and appreciated by people since beans in the first place is rich in proteins so joining the two together is just a great idea to have much proteins of beans of different species at the same time. Okereke red beans and black beans coming from Nunu inhabitants from the North West region precisely under the Bui Division locality in Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in cooking Okereke red beans and black beans with boiled plantains is stewing for Okereke red beans and black beans and boiling for plantains.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Four cups of red beans
  2. Four cups of black beans
  3. Two fresh tomatoes
  4. One onion
  5. One Poiro
  6. One poivron
  7. Five fingers of ripe plantains
  8. A handful of celery
  9. A handful of percil

Seasoning ingredients

  1. A cup of groundnut oil
  2. Maggi to taste
  3. Salt to taste.

  Cooking process

  1. Wash the red beans and rinse it like two or three times
  2. Wash the black beans and rinse it like two or three times
  3. After wash the beans, put in a clean pot and put it on fire like for two hours at most. It should not be less than one hour thirty minutes on fire.
  4. Remove the beans from the pot.
  5. When it is ready, remove the food from fire
  6. After this, wash the tomatoes, the onions, the celery and the percil and cut it into small parts.
  7. Wash also the poivron and poiro and cut into small parts
  8. After washing cutting the ingredients into small parts, grind them altogether.
  9. Having prepared and grind all the ingredients together, pour groundnut oil in a clean pot and put on fire
  10. Throw into the pot the grinded ingredients, stir it very well.
  11. After two minutes, throw into the pot the boiled beans.
  12. Put in maggi followed by salt and taste the food to know whether the salt and the maggi are sufficient.
  13. When satisfied with the salt and the maggi, pour into the pot a cup of water.
  14. Allow the food on fire for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After this amount of stay on fire, remove the food from fire.
  15. After this, go next to the plantains.
  16. Remove the peelings off the plantains.
  17. Wash the plantains.
  18. After washing the plantains, boil the plantains for about twenty minutes.
  19. Within twenty minutes, your plantains is ready.

Serve the food in a clean plate.

Enjoy your Okereke red beans and black beans with boiled plantains meal.

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