Cameroon – Coconut Rice

by Haman Kingah

Perfect Coconut Rice (with a Secret Ingredient!) | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Coconut is said to have long existed about 10000 years. Coconut is said to have been use by used by travellers because the coconut water could stay preserve in the coconut for a very long period of time. Coconut is said to have been used as wood too. That is the back shelf. Today, the water is used to cook rice.

Coconut rice is very delicious meal that could be cook in so many homes around Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. This is rice prepared with coconut water. Some people will ask how is this possible? About 40% of the water is coconut and this is all gotten from the coconut. This is when you use the water from the coconut and too cutting the coconut to little pieces grind and squeeze to extract the coconut water. Then fresh water could then be used with fresh water to prepare the rice. This is with the combination of other spices. Coconut is used in the preparation of rice because of the aroma. So nice. Coconut has a nice scent when used to prepare rice. This helps to secret saliva in the mouth thus increasing your chances of choosing that particular meal. Many restaurants do prepare coconut rice, but it is being prepared by those who know how to prepare it. To join the league, please follow the lead below;


  • White pepper
  • Rice
  • Garlics 
  • Ginger
  • Pepper
  • Coconuts
  • Dry meat
  • Carrot and green beans


  • Wash your dry meat, boil with salt to taste keep aside. 
  • Peel of your garlics and ginger and grind with white pepper.  Keep aside. 
  • Crack your coconut, secure the water, chopped, grater and squeeze. Preserve the water.
  • Wash your rice and keep aside. You prepare as fried rice, where by you start the preparation by frying the rice adding all ingredients after that, then you start observing and adding water gradually. Until it gets ready. 
  • Or you could wash your rice, boil your water, add your rice, allow to boil for about 6-10min, open add some of your chopped onions, sliced and grind garlics and ginger, stir well and cover pot. Open after 5min, add your coconut water.
  • Make sure you add when you know cooking process could still take about 15-25min to get ready. 
  • After adding coconut, water, add your boiled dry meat, carrot and green beans, some of the chopped onions. Cover pot for the last minutes, remove and serve. 

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