Cameroon – Pancakes

By Verdzekov Bernard

Pancakes is a special cuisine eating by so many people. I still call it a breakfast cuisine because I eat pancakes most at times during breakfast with a cup of tea. But nevertheless, pancakes could be eating during lunch or supper. It all depends on the individual. Pancakes are heavy. After eating one or two, you may be satisfied. The procedure used in the preparation of pancakes vary amongst people. For me, I use eggs and for some other people they don’t. I like it with egg because it is nutritional and also adds up to the heavy content of the pancakes than that which is fried without eggs.


  • Flour 
  • Milk
  • Sugar 
  • Salt to taste (optional)
  • Eggs
  • Water 


  • Fry pan
  • Bowl 
  • Whisks
  • Plate


  • The amount of flour used depends on you. The more the flour, the more the pancakes you will have, or maybe if you want your pancakes very thick. But I won’t advices you to make your pancakes too thick. Reasons being that, most at times such pancakes don’t get ready and even they do, they don’t look appealing in appearance because most get burnt at times.
  • Put your flour in a bowl, add water to eat and mix well until the flour is totally dissolved in the water. Add water and mix if mixture is to thick.
  • Crack and pour 2 or 3 eggs in the mixture and steer well.  
  • Add your milk and steer well.
  • Put your sugar in another bowl with water and allow the sugar to dissolve. Add It into the mix of flour, egg and water. 
  • Turn on your heat, stand your frying pan on heat, add a littles bit of vegetable oil in the fry pan and make sure all sides of the fry pan are touched by the oil. 
  • Using a deep spoon deep it into the mixture and pour in the heated fry pan. Lift up the frypan and tilt it to the left, right and backward. This is to make sure it spreads in the pan. 
  • Allow for about 3-7min, then you check by using a fork, lifting up one Conner of the pancake and checking it. If already brown, turn the pancake to the other side by powerfully lifting up the fry pan making the pancake to lift up from the frypan and falling on the other side. 
  • If you think this is difficult, use a plate to put the pancake in it, and turn it to the other side. This may take another 3-7min to get ready. Put In a plate and allow it to get cold a little then you roll. 
  • You will continue the process until all the flour mixture is finish. 

Serve with Tea or eat empty or with what so ever accompaniment you wish.

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