Pakistan – Chicken Tikka Handi

by Dazzy


Cuisine, the foods and methods of preparation traditional to a region or population.World cuisine is traditionally divided into regions according to the common use of major foodstuffs. Pakistan has its own flavors and traditional dishes that is usually world famous and even it may be the part of many restaurant’s menu. People of many different region love the flavors of Pakistan and the tradition of it.

First of all I would like to tell you about the haandi that what haandi is? Actually haandi is a deep and wide mouthed cooking vessel that is made of clay in which Delicious Chicken tikka is cooked. It is originated from India and now the famous dish in Pakistan. Pakistani people love to eat the Chicken Tikka Haandi that is brilliant in taste. Most of the Families and in other get together people like to eat Chicken Tikka Haandi on restaurants. No doubt chicken Tikka is one of the most popular flour of the Pakistani cuisine. This dish is called a traditional Pakistan’s recipe which is famous and well known all over the Pakistan, especially in the province of the Punjab. I believe in it that the Home made food is the best food in the world that’s why I always shared here recipes that are delicious in taste and easy to cook. So living in home and enjoy the Delicious Chicken Tikka Haandi at home. I would like to say that Chikken Tikka Haandi is mouthwatering dish and traditionally cooked in clay pot that is called Haandi with the help of this haandi this dish can be created easily and quickly at home.

Chicken tikka , a common dish here consisting of marinated boneless pieces of chicken that are traditionally cooked in a sand oven and then mixed in a traditional curry made up of spices

Delicious Chicken Tikka Haandi

The recipe of Delicious Chicken Tikka Hindi consists of two stages that are given below in detail:-

  •  1st stage is marination of the chicken with traditional spices
  •  2nd stage is cooking


  1. Boneless Chicken  500 grams
  2. Yogurt 1 cup
  3. Salt ½  tsp
  4. Black Pepper ½  tsp
  5. Red pepper ½ tsp
  6. Cumin ½ tsp
  7.  Coriander grinded ½ tsp
  8. Onion 2
  9. Oil ½  cup
  10.  Ginger paste ½ tsp
  11. Garlic Paste ½ tsp
  12. Water ¼  cup
  13. Lemon Juice 2tsp
  14. Garm Masala ½ tsp
  15. Coriander leaves
  16. Orange food color ¼ tsp

1st  Stage (Chicken Marinate) 

  • First of all wash the boneless Chicken.
  • Take a blinder put the water and onion in it and blend the onion
  • Put the washed boneless chicken pieces into the bowl and add blended onion, lemon juice, Garm Masala, orange food color, Red pepper, Black pepper, Salt coriander, cumin, Garlic paste, Ginger Paste and mixed all.
  • Put the yogurt in it and mix well
  • Covered it and wait for 01 hour.

2nd Stage (Cooking)

  • Take  earthenware and put it on the medium  flame
  • Put  the oil in it
  • Put the marinate boneless chicken in it on the light flame and wait for 20-25 minutes
  • After 25-30 minutes Delicious Chikken tikka Haandi is ready
  • Put coriander leaves in it and serve it with boiled rice or Chapati

Delicious Chicken Tikka Haandi

Now the Delicious Chicken Tikka Haandi is ready. You can serve it with boil rice and Chapati in lunch or dinner. Tikka Haandi, let’s enjoy this with your family

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