Cameroon – Pizza

by Verdzekov Bernard

Have you an oven, or a gas cooker with an oven, then I think you can make your own home base Pizza. Why would you have to purchase Pizzas all the time. Even if you do because you don’t have time, once a while makes yours at home and enjoy with your friends, girl or boy friend. Cooking for most people is the last on their list. I don’t still know why but anyways, that won’t concern me, but please after reading this, try making your own Pizza at home. There are many Pizza joins around the world. In my country alone, I can’t count, talk less of the western world. These guys are making some real cash in this. You could still go give them the money, but try making yours at home after reading this little article. You won’t regret it.


  • Yeast
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar 
  • Maggi
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlics
  • Greed spice
  • Red bell Pepper 
  • Flour


  • Greece your bowl with oil. Add some warm water. Then add your yeast and sugar and allow it to rise.
  • In another bowl, put in your flour and pinch of salt to taste. Mix well, then make a well in the middle, then add your yeast gradually. Stir well. make sure all parts are wet. Let no flour be left untouched with water. After mixing well and feeling your dough is about forming, drop your mixer and use your hands. Gather from one end to the other and back. Mix well until you see your dough smooth. Add some warm water to ease your work. But be careful with the quantity you add. 
  • Your mixing with your hands can’t be done in the bowl. Spread some flour on your cleaned worked surface, put your dough on it and mix well. The flour on the work surface is just to prevent the dough from sticking to the table. 
  • Put your dough in your bowl, with some oil, cover. Your dough will rise as a result of the mixed yeast. This should take 1:30min/2hrs at most. After this period check. If your dough leaves and indentation after being poked, that means it is ready. Please observe.
  • During this 2hrs or 1:30min, go ahead making other spices. To prevent your pizza from getting Sauer when you use tomatoes, please boil the tomatoes whole before you chop and blend. Blend your onions and garlics. Chop some onions and keep aside. Chop some green spice. You will be needing this for garnishing. 
  • Boil your meat with some salt to taste and onions. Make sure the meat gets ready. Chop the meat or grind. Grinding is better. 
  • Then cook your tomatoes, when tomato sauce is ready, add your meat and cook for about 10min more then remove. Pre heat your oven.
  • Your dough is ready, remove and cut into smaller round balls, then place on your work surface and spread. Make sure your thickness is even. Remember Pizza has some thickness. Spread your tomatoes sauce blend with meat, then garnish with green spices and sliced tomatoes and any other delicious ingredients yo like to be on your Pizza. Greece you’re baking trays, then bake.
  • The reason you prepared your sauce first is because, I don’t what you eating and tasting raw or unready ingredients. 


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