Cameroon – Plantain Casserole

by Verdzekov Bernard

Many people use plantains as accompaniment for most sauce or soup they cook. For example, egusi stew, egusi pudding, tomatoes sauce, Bongo Chubi, Etc. These are soups, I have eating plantains with as an accompaniment, and that I have seen many other people that have done same. There are many other soups I have eating plantains with. Those listed above are just a few of the many not listed LOL. Plantains could be served as a main dish. Follow guide below and know how to prepare your own Plantains Casserole;


  • Plantains
  • Onions
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Ginger 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Maggi 
  • Tomatoes 
  • 4 tbsp margarine 
  • Green bell pepper 
  • Nutmeg
  • 2 eggs 
  • Cheese
  • Garlics 
  • Ground beef (you can use chicken here too)
  • Holy basil leaves 


  • Peel off your plantains cut and keep and keep in a bowl. Put in a pot with one cup of water and boil your plantains. While the pot is on heat, you could move on with other preparation. 
  • Chop your onions and tomatoes. Keep your onions aside while you blend your tomatoes. Keep aside as well.
  • In a frying pan, put in your vegetable oil and heat up. Add your onions and fry. Add your ground ginger and garlics fry together. 
  • Add your tomatoes and fry. Add your ground beef and stir well. 
  • Add some ground holy basil leaves.
  • Add salt to taste and maggi. Stir well and allow pot. 
  • Remove plantains and pawn using a wooden spoon. Make it marshy and smooth. Add your two eggs and mix well together with the plantains. Add your ground nutmeg with margarine and mix well too. 
  • Put the plantains in a glass rectangle bowl and spread evenly making a floor at the surface. Make sure you don’t use all the mashed plantains.
  • Check your beef sauce, stir well and remove. Add it on the plantains and spread evenly to all the angles and center of the bowl.
  • Add your cheese. Spread it too, then add your plantains again and spread again. Add some more cheese. Add your holy basil leaves cover with foil paper and bake for 30-40min.
  • It is ready. Remove, cut and serve. 


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