Pakistan – Shami Kabab

by Dahiza Umar


First of all I would like to tell you that the Shami kabab has its origin to india and shami kabab is eaten as snack and specially served to the guests. Now days Shami Kabab is a traditional Pakistani Street Food item. Shami Kabab is most popular in Lahore city of the Punjab where it is relished in nearly every corner of the city. This dish is called a traditional Pakistan’s recipe which is famous and well known all over the Pakistan, especially in the province of the Punjab. I believe in it that the Home made food is the best food in the world that’s why I always shared here recipes that are delicious in taste and easy to cook. That’s why today I have decided the to share with you a recipe which is easy to cook in short time and best in taste. This recipe will win the heart of your family members and guest who will it so fry your Tasty Chicken Shami Kabab with the help of my recipe and when the heart.

The word ‘kebab’ is said to originate from the Arabic language, but the central Asians also lay claim to it. It means to fry or cook on a skewer. but this traditional dish is not cooked on a skewer but it is usually fried and have a round cutlet shape.

When we are talking about the history Shami or Shammi kebab literally means the Syrian kebab (Syria is called Sham in Urdu and Hindi) in Arabic. During the Mughal era, Muslims from the Middle East introduced this kebab to Asia and now have traditional impact over the Pakistan cuisine

Tasty Chicken Shami Kabab

The recipe of Tasty Chicken Shami Kabab consists of two stages that are given below in detail:-

  •  1st stage Preparation of Shami  into round traditional shape of cutlets
  •  2nd stage is Frying of shami kabab and serving


  1. Boneless Chicken  500 grams
  2. Eggs 3
  3. Salt ½  tsp
  4. Black Pepper ½  tsp
  5. Red pepper ½ tsp
  6. Cumin ½ tsp
  7.  Coriander grinded ½ tsp
  8. Oil 1 cup
  9.  Ginger paste ½ tsp
  10. Garlic Paste ½ tsp
  11. Water 2 cup
  12. Coriander leaves
  13. Gram Pulse 200grams
  14.  Green Chili grinded ½ tsp

1st  Stage (Preparation of Shami) 

  • First of all wash the gram pulse and remain it deep the water for 2 hours.
  • Then boneless Chicken.
  • Put boneless chicken, gram pulse and water in hot pan.
  • Add salt, red pepper, Ginger paste, Garlic paste and green chili grinded and keep it on the medium flame for 15-20 minutes.
  •   After 15-20 minutes when it  dry
  • Then add black pepper cumin, coriander grinded, coriander leaves in it and Mash it.
  • Then make the kabab shape.
  • The picture is given below:-

2nd Stage (Cooking)

  • Now beat the eggs
  • Put the oil in the hot pan and keep it on the medium flame
  • Take the kebab and dip it in the beaten eggs.
  • Take the dipped kabab put it in the hot oil in the pan.
  • And fry each side of the kabab for 05 minutes until it turned into golden brown color.
  •  After 10 miute Tasty shami Kabab is ready to serve.
  • Put it in the along with Ketchup or raita and serve it.

Tasty Chicken Shami Kabab

Now the Tasty Chicken Shami Kabab is ready. You can serve it with ketchup or raita in lunch or dinner. Here is given below the picture of Tasty Chicken Shami Kabab so let’s enjoy this with your family

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