Cameroon – Quesi a la BOLO

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The richness of a country also comes from the culinary aspect that it contains. This is the case of many countries. There are countries that are known as a result of their culinary history and diversity. This brings about an attraction from people from different countries that come for one purpose that is to also enjoy the rich local cuisine of the country. African countries are developing countries but when it comes to aspects of cuisine, they are also developed in the sector which may not be the case for other sectors. As it is often said, to better know the history of a country, the best way is to taste its local cuisine. Quesi a la BOLO is a local cuisine that talks of the history of a whole nation. From its coming about to the present date. Quesi a la BOLO is a food that has become an international food, being eaten everywhere on the globe. Quesi a la BOLO is a local cuisine that is made of prawns and poiro. Prawns in Portuguese means cameroes. Cameroon came from the name Cameroes linking it directly to prawns. Quesi a la BOLO is being cooked in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method of Quesi a la BOLO is boiling. Boiling is the method that shall be used in cooking Quesi a la BOLO.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. A tray of prawns
  2. Two fresh tomatoes
  3. Two fresh Poiros
  4. One fresh Onions
  5. One bamboo stick
  6. Round quesi.

Cooking Process

The cooking process of Quesi a la BOLO is as follows;

  1. The Number one thing to do is to wash the tomatoes.
  2. The next thing to do is to wash the poiros.
  3. After washing the poiros and the tomatoes, wash then the onions.
  4. Having finished washing all these ingredients, the tomatoes, the onions and the poiros, slice them.
  5. When slicing the tomatoes, Onions and poiros, make sure to slice them in such a way that they could easily be inserted in the bamboo sticks and let it look very attractive.
  6. After slicing the tomatoes, onions and poiros, proceed to the next step.
  7. The next step to do is clean the prawns.
  8. Boil water so as to clean the prawns thoroughly.
  9. When the water has been boiled, put the prawns in the hot water so that the dirt comes out.
  10. When the dirt comes out by its own, rinse the prawns two times.
  11. After cleaning the prawns, boil the prawns immediately. Boil it for like five minutes.
  12. After five minutes on stay on fire, use the bamboo sticks and insert the prawns in it.
  13. Also insert the sliced tomatoes, poiro and onions in the bamboo stick. Do not forget the quesi when doing so.

You can follow the line up like in the picture below or better still insert in the order that is pleasing to you.

Enjoy your Meal!

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