Cameroon – Red Oil and Groundnut Oil With Meat Mixture

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

It may sound funny and very surprising but there is the actually the possibility of cooking soup with red oil and groundnut together at the same time. It may sound unreal, whereas it is very real in fact. This can be done with the use of a limited amount of the red oil and the groundnut oil simultaneously. You must not use much of the red oil nor of the groundnut oil if not it will not the same type of soup you are cooking. Everything has to be identic and one. This will bring a strange sensation and taste but once it is ready, the food is awesome and sweat in the mouth. Originally, the birth of this food took place as a result to compensate the shortage in supply in groundnut oil, so they had to bring in something else and special in the form of groundnut oil so that it will not be heavily felt. Most families maintained the cooking of their soup with red oil as they felt that red oil has a better taste than groundnut oil. The taste of this food is a little bit soar when swallowing. Red oil and Groundnut oil is cooked in the locality of Fiango in Kumba in the South West region of Cameroon.

Cooking Method

The cooking method used in preparing red oil and groundnut oil with meat mixture is turning and hotting.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. One quarter cup of red oil
  2. One quarter cup of groundnut oil
  3. Half spoon of salt.
  4. One cube of maggi.
  5. Canda meat
  6. One full Mbonga.
  7. Leaves

Cooking process

  1. Wash the canda meat and the mbonga then boil then separately. Do not boil the canda meat in the same pot with the mbonga. Boil then separately from each other.
  2. To boil the canda, it stays on fire for twenty minutes. The Mbonga stays on fire for ten minutes. This is the time frame the canda meat and the Mbonga has to stay on fire for each other.
  3. Wash the leaves and separate them simultaneously in pieces.
  4. After this, pour a little bit of both the red oil and the groundnut oil in the cooking pot.
  5. Having boiled the canda meat and the mbonga, put them in the cooking pot on fire, then put the leaves in the pot alongside the maggi and the salt.
  6. Make sure to put a very small inch of the salt and as for the maggi, loosen it from its package and scatter in the pot on fire. This is how Red oil and Groundnut oil is being cooked in a timeframe of One hour maximum.
  7. Serve the food in a clean plate and enjoy your meal.

Good Appetite to You!!!

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