Cameroon – Red Pepper Food With Ripe Plantains

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Red pepper food is a meal prepared after a particular event like the over drinking of alcohol so the eating of red pepper food helps in the digestion and dissolvement of the alcohol in the stomach and in the blood after a heavy period of consumption of alcohol. Traditionally, it was eaten during wrestling festivals so as to add more determination and strength to the fighters. Since traditional fights are reducing, this practice has shifted from this sphere to another sphere that is eating of the red pepper food after and during consumption of alcohol. This is practice well-loved and appreciated by heavy alcohol drinkers. This practice generally takes place on Sundays at 2:00 PM after a meeting ceremony, better known as njangui. Red pepper food with ripe plantains is a meal from the local cuisine of the Northern part of Cameroon spreading to other regions, notably the Center region and the West region.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the preparation of the red pepper food with ripe plantains is that of stewing.

Cooking ingredients

1-A hand full of red pepper

2-Half hand full of black pepper

3-Green beans

4-One fresh onions

5-Two fresh tomatoes

6-Seven fingers of ripe plantains

Seasoning ingredients

1-A 300 mil of groundnut oil

2-Maggi cube

Cooking process

1-Wash the red pepper and place in a clean bowl. Make sure not to slice the red pepper.

2-Wash the black pepper and place in a clean bowl. Make sure not to slice the black pepper.

3-Wash the green beans and cut into small pieces of three or four

4-Wash the onions and slice into many parts

5-Wash the fresh tomatoes and slice into four or five parts

6-After doing all these things, put your groundnut oil on fire

7-Wait for the groundnut oil to steam

8-When it does become hot, throw into the pot, the ingredients that is the red pepper, black pepper, green beans, onions and tomatoes.

9-After this, throw in the maggi cube and pour a half cup of water.

10-Close the pot for a period of three minutes, your red pepper food is ready

Proceed then to the next thing to do that is the ripe plantains

1-Peel off the ripe plantains

2-Cut the ripe plantains into two parts.

3-Put the ripe plantains in a clean pot.

4-Pour a cup of water into the pot.

5-Allow the plantains of fire for like ten to fifteen minutes, after this time on fire, your plantains is ready.

6-Serve along with your red pepper food and enjoy your meal.

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