Cameroon – Roasted Beef and Cassava/Baton

by Ngwe Zoey

Food is life and we eat to live as stipulated by some school of thoughts. Thanks to finmail that has given us the opportunity to love writing articles concerning our local cuisine. This opportunity permits us to do more findings on the dishes or meals we choose to write on and it also helps us to practice or cook these meals practically. I just joint finmail and I have discovered that it is a platform that will really enable us to grow in our cooking skills and research on nutrition and why not own our own restaurants.

Back to our dish for the day. Roasted beef and cassava or baton is eye catching and mouthwatering, the sight of this meal will make you ask for more. Cooking isn’t just making food but it requires preparing this meal or whatever meal you find yourself cooking in a good sanitary environment, using the right ingredients as well as the right quantities. Nutrition is important so the condition, environment and ingredients used should be of great importance and consideration. Roasted beef and cassava or baton is loved by many and of course because it is delicious it is termed a high profile meal in restaurants and food for the rich when prepared in homes.

Required cooking time

Depending on the fire means one is using, this dish can take at least 2 hours to get it ready.


  1. A kilogram of Beef
  2. 3 stems of Cassava
  3. Half a litter of Vegetable oil
  4. White pepper
  5. 6 gloves of garlics
  6. 4 large fresh red tomatoes
  7. Fresh hot pepper
  8. A stem of leaks
  9. 7 grains of njansang
  10. One large green pepper
  11. Maggi cube
  12. A sachet of vegetable onga Maggi
  13. salt

Cooking procedure

  1. Wash meat and cut into smaller pieces, put in a pot and add some chopped onions, some chopped leaks, a cube of Maggi and a pinch of salt. Add half a litter of water and boil until it’s ready. Remove and drain. Keep the juice because it will be added to the beef stew for more flavor
  2. blend garlics, njansang, a little onions, some hot pepper, white pepper, some leaks, half of the green pepper and put aside
  3. slice tomatoes, onions, leaks, green pepper
  4. Pour vegetable in a pot, take to the fire and allow to get warm. Add the sliced onions and stir. Add the meat juice and the blended spices and fry for 20 minutes
  5. After 20 minutes, add the sliced tomatoes, leaks and green pepper. Add the sachet of onga vegetable, a cube of Maggi, some salt and stir
  6. Allow to cook until oil is visible. note that the beef should be turned often to avoid sticking on the pot
  7. when the oil is visible and the stew is thick it means it’s ready
  8. wash cassava and peel, put in a pot and add a litter of water cover the pot and boil until its ready
  9. The delicious meal is ready. Serve in a plate and eat

Enjoy the meal

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